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Star Plus Super twists Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke Huge drama planned by Meenakshi in Mishti and Kunal’s engagement. She invites Naman in the function to create a scene. Mishti and Kuhu get ready and look pretty in the engagement. Kuhu feels sorry that she isn’t getting engaged to Kunal. She sees Kunal paired with Mishti. She clicks selfies with Kunal. She is much upset. Meenakshi wants to stop the engagement at any cost. Naman arrives in the engagement and shocks everyone. He tells Mishti that he has come to bless her. He gives her a gift, while she refuses to accept anything from him. Mishti gets disturbed by Naman’s coming. Kunal handles the situation. Naman makes an emotional drama to connect with Mishti again. Mishti knows Naman is very greedy and just wants money from them.

Mishti misses Abir’s support. Abir has left the house once again to avoid the engagement. He has no idea what’s happening in Mishti’s life. Mishti hates Naman and doesn’t want him to spoil her special day. She wants him to leave from the engagement. Meenakshi aims to break the alliance by reveal Naman’s criminal background to Kunal. Abir will return home to rescue Mishti and hold her hand forever. Abir makes up his mind to marry Mishti and buys a ring for her.

Krishna Chali London:
Shukla family compels Krishna to get engaged to Radhe. They want Krishna and Radhe to get married once again so that the society doesn’t taunt them ever. Krishna also gets convinced that Mohan is Radhe. She gives her consent for the engagement. Veer arrives there to stop the engagement. Krishna is happy with Radhe and recall her old days with innocent Radhe. They get engaged, while Veer creates a havoc.

Veer beats up Mohan and threatens of exposing him soon. Mohan isn’t concerned for anything, as long as he is getting money from his boss. Veer’s drunken drama costs him a lot. Krishna scolds Veer for disrespecting her family again. She tells Veer that she has signed the divorce papers and wants him to sign the papers as well. When Veer troubles Radhe, Krishna slaps Veer and insults him. She ousts Veer from the house. Veer is left with no option than to obey Krishna. Shukla family is happy that Krishna is believing Radhe and seeing a future with him. They want everything to get find in their house.



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