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Krishna Kulfi Sufiyana Ishq Sikandar enjoys with Pakhi. He feels something is missing in his life. He doesn’t have any memories of his past. Even then, he feels like a fairy Kulfi is waiting to meet him. He also wants to meet his fairy. Sikandar wants to surprise Pakhi’s mother Nandini. Nandini finds Bhola a nice man and wants him to always stay with her as Pakhi’s father. Pakhi is pleased to have her father along. Lovely and Nandini meet by the fate twist and turn friendly as well. Lovely finds Nandini a good person and learns much about Nandini’s husband. She finds Nandini’s description about her husband very much similar to Sikandar.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:
Happy is much upset for Anaya’s death. She learns about RV’s truth. She is shattered. She doesn’t want RV to hurt Rocky. She is worried for Rocky and family. Happy and Rocky get worried since Kulwant got shot by RV’s hired goon when RV wanted to kill Rocky. Happy and Kulwant manage to save Rocky’s life.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara’s dad gets a heart attack. Zara rushes her dad to the hospital. She calls Kabeer to come to the hospital with her dad’s reports and prescription. Shahbaz and Zeenat plot against Zara. They don’t let Kabeer learn the matter. They provoke Kabeer and create misunderstandings between Kabeer and Zara. Zara wants to confront Kabeer for his selfish behavior.

Ronak and Muskaan start their new life in the chawl. They are happy to stay away from Sir ji. Ronak has decided to have a life of respect. He doesn’t want to use the black money fed by Sir ji to them. Ronak and Muskaan make a living and take care of their family. Gayatri feels proud of Ronak and Muskaan. Sir ji starts his plan to influence the weak links in the family to win them over and weaken Ronak’s team. Ronak and Muskaan have romantic moments while dealing with their daily struggles.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:
Mamoon doubts that Kainat got Miyajaan kidnapped. She wanted to stop Zaroon from convincing Miyajaan for his marriage. Zaroon is sure that Miyajaan will fix Saltanat and his marriage, once he checks Saltanat’s love confession video. Kainat foils Zaroon’s plan. Mamoon wants to expose Kainat once Miyajaan returns home. Zaroon and Saltanat head to find Miyajaan. Mamoon knows that Miyajaan is away for a while and will return home once Kainat’s motive is fulfilled. He wants to snatch the ownership from Kainat. Mamoon wants Zaroon to become the rightful heir of the Dargah property. Kainat’s love has turned into obsession. She doesn’t want Zaroon as Saltanat’s leftover love. She wants to win Zaroon by her own.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna meets Radhe and gives him the best surprise ever. She pities him and tells him that she is ready to marry him. She expresses her love for him. She comes in his drama. Radhe does the drama to run away from the house to convince her further. He fools the family by using their emotions. Krishna wants to secure him and doesn’t want him to take any wrong move. She tells Radhe that she won’t let him risk his life again. Shukla family get happy to know that Krishna agreed to marry Radhe. Krishna makes a plan to trap fake Radhe. She acts to oppose Veer. She asks Veer for the divorce, which shocks everyone a lot. The divorce drama turns out to be Veer and Krishna’s plan to expose the imposter.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag rescues Prerna’s life when Komolika attempts to kill her. Anurag reaches his lady love just in time after a heated argument between Prerna and Komolika results in a dangerous outcome. Komolika doesn’t deter and attempts to kill Prerna again. She herself falls in trouble and hangs to the terrace railing. Komolika falls in huge danger, while Anurag and PRerna show their humanity and try to save her life.



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