Star Plus Ye Rishta Upcoming Action High Voltage Drama

Star Plus Ye Rishta Upcoming Action High Voltage Drama

Star Plus Ye Rishta Upcoming Kartik waits for Naira and plans a surprise for her. When she returns home, he asks her to get ready so that they can go out. Naira tells him that she is busy for the day. He asks her to hurry up. He wants to make everything fine. He doesn’t want to doubt Naira. Gayu returns home. Dadi asks Gayu not to be upset when she goes to Singhania house. She also tells Gayu that she has kept the ancestral jewellery in her room and Gayu can wear it in the function. Gayu gets confused seeing Dadi’s behavior change.

Naira gets ready sooner and surprises Kartik with her looks. Kartik gets mesmerized seeing her. They have a romantic moment. Gayu asks the kids if they have some chocolates. She wants to eat sweets. Dadi understands her craving and tells her that she will get the sweets for her. Gayu refuses to take her favor. She stays upset with Dadi.

Dadi thinks Gayu shouldn’t throw tantrums when she is herself taking a step towards accepting Gayu. Kartik and Naira leave for their romantic outing. He tells her that he wanted to go out with her since long. He hides the fact that he is nearly suspecting her because of Mitali. They have light moments on the way to the fort. He tells her that he loves her a lot and that’s why planned this date. Naira feels happy. Suwarna tells Manish that Kartik and Naira have gone on their date. Manish and Suwarna also have a plan for romantic dinner date. They share sweet moments.

Kartik and Naira enjoy in the park. They relive their old moments. Some goons rashly drive and disturb Kartik. Kartik gets troubled. Naira asks Kartik to be careful and drive. Kartik and Naira get upset and stop the car aside. Naira wants to complain about the goons. Kartik asks her to forget it, since their date will get spoiled. She tells him that she won’t spoil his mood.

Back at home, Manish and Akhilesh tell Samarth that they have to finalize the deal without Kartik since he is away. They want to inform Kartik about the new project once he comes home. Manish takes the decision on Kartik’s behalf. Kartik and Naira click a picture of the goons’ vehicle to send to the police. The goons find Naira at the Dhaba and kidnap her. They get revengeful against Naira. Kartik goes to park his car until she freshens up. He finds Naira missing. Dadi senses something is wrong and feels restless. She worries for Kartik and Naira.

Manish and everyone ask Dadi not to worry for Kartik and Naira. Naira calls Kartik for the help. Kartik rushes to find her. He reaches the jungle and tries to save Naira. The goons bash up Kartik and throw him in the jungle. The goons drag Naira with them. Kartik gets semi-conscious and finds Naira being dragged by the goons. He falls helpless and tries to gain strength to get up to fight. Mihir and his friends hear Naira’s call for help. Mihir rushes to help Naira and saves her life, which makes Kartik more insecure.


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