Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shaky Unexpected streak for Raman

Mohabbatein Karan Patel Raman entry brings lots of twists

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shaky trap Sahil realizes that Bhallas are hiding the crime of Muskaan’s murder. Karan meets Sahil and tells him how he has seen a man burning the cloth in the compound area. He clarifies that he has given the cloth to Munna so that it becomes useful in his search. Sahil gets confident that he will find the culprit. He finds Raman in the footage and feels maybe he has gone to burn the evidence against him. He asks Munna to tell him if he has seen Raman going for walking. Karan tells Sahil that Raman went for a walk and then returned home. Sahil wishes to see the man who has burnt the blood stained shirt. He is thankful to Karan for giving a direction to his search. Karan misleads Sahil so that Raman gets more time to execute his plan. Karan informs Raman that sahil is trusting him now. He wants Sahil to get caught soon.

Raman promises to get Sahil behind bars. Raman stays secretive and tricks Sahil. He is troubled that Sahil’s men are everywhere. He wants to talk to the commissioner and tell him the plan he has in mind. Ishita suggests Raman to meet commissioner at Bala’s tuition class. Karan calls Sahil and calls him at some place to catch the culprit. Karan and Raman trap Sahil in the plan. Yug keeps an eye on Sahil. He informs Raman that Sahil left for the place to meet Karan.

Karan informs Sahil about the culprit hiding inside the godown. Sahil doesn’t want to leave the culprit. He meets the culprit and challenges him to show his face. Raman provokes Sahil and asks him what can he do. Sahil tells him that he has blackmailed Ishita by using Ruhi as her weakness. He asks him to turn his face to him if he wants to save his family. After admitting his crimes, he gets overconfident that he will kill the culprit. Raman tells Sahil that everything is happening because of Muskaan’s illegal business of drugs peddling. Sahil confesses his crimes and doesn’t think that Muskaan has done anything wrong. He gets a huge shock on seeing Raman with the police. He realizes the trap laid by Raman. Raman made him confess everything.

He gets Sahil caught. Sahil learns that even Karan cheated him. He warns Karan of dire consequences. Raman tells Sahil that this time they are ahead of him and now none can save him. Karan scolds Sahil for killing Rohan. Sahil doesn’t lose and threatens them that he will return soon to fulfill his revenge. Sahil’s men get worried for him. Ishita tells the commissioner that she will expose all of Sahil’s illegal activities. Shamshad learns about Sahil’s arrest. Sahil laughs on Raman’s kiddish plans.

He tells Raman and Ishita that he will now take his revenge on his family. Raman and Karan’s plan succeeds. Raman feels proud of Karan. Ishita worries that Sahil may try to harm the family. Raman gets Vishal to the police station and makes him surrender for his mistake. Vishal testifies that he has killed Muskaan in self defense. Raman asks commissioner not to let Sahil know about Vishal. Vishal is thankful to Raman for backing him up. Commissioner warns Sahil.

Sahil is already making plans to flee from the jail. He asks the commissioner to wait for some time, until a shock comes for him. Bhallas and Iyers get glad knowing about Sahil’s arrest. They also thank Karan for the drama to get justice for Rohan. Ruhi apologizes to Karan since she didn’t know about his drama. Ruhi and Karan start bonding again. Ishita stays tensed about Sahil’s warning.


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