Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Sikandars two worlds meet up

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Sikandars two worlds meet up

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Sikandars two worlds come together. Chandan troubles Kulfi and compels her to practice more. He wants her to sing in any small or big functions so that she can earn money for him. Amyra wants to practice with him too. Chandan tells her that she doesn’t need to practice, since she is his daughter. He pleases Amyra by his sweet talks and goes to play with her. Lovely finds his behavior strange towards Kulfi and wonders why is Sikandar doing this to hurt Kulfi. She suspects Chandan by hearing his weird talks. On the other hand, Pakhi fails to find Bhola. She cries and asks Nandini to get her father back. Nandini loses out and feels sorry in front of Pakhi, who is longing for Bhola.

Nandini and Pakhi get a relief when Bhola comes back home. Bhola tells them that he had gone away to get Nandini’s books back. Lovely finds Sikandar loving Amyra a lot and giving her much attention, by neglecting Kulfi. She feels he is doing everything she wanted. She feels something is wrong, since Sikandar can’t treat Kulfi in an ill way. She wants to know if Sikandar is really their own or not, as Kulfi doubts him. Bhola tells Pakhi that they have to arrange money to get the books back. They find some money and try to double it up so that they get the books. Kulfi gets drugs at home when the servant cleans Sikandar’s home. She goes to show it to Lovely.

Lovely shares Sikandar’s huge changes with the doctor. She tells him that she is suspecting Sikandar to not be the real one. Doctor asks her to have patience and give time to Sikandar to come out of the trauma. Bhola and Pakhi behave kiddish and try to get more money. Kulfi meets her friends and shows the drugs she found. She is worried.

Rocket hides the truth from her, since he has identified drugs packet. He wonders why is Sikandar taking drugs. He also feels there is more to it and maybe Kulfi’s doubt about him is right. Nandini gets troubled by the evil landlord once again. Aai comes to her rescue.

Aai asks him to take the rent and leave. She wants to protect Nandini from troubles. She asks Nandini to leave the house and come with her to the village to have a safe life. She asks Nandini who will save her all the time. Nandini gets speechless. Chandan asks the music director to give more work to Kulfi. When the director refuses, Chandan gets violent and fights with him. He wants more and more money. Bhola and Pakhi try to get the books from the junk buyer. Bhola beats the man. He too gets hurt in the fight.

Pakhi cries over the poverty and wants some help to reach them. Bhola and Pakhi join a political rally to get some money. Chandan meets someone and signs him as Kulfi’s manager to get more work for her. He gets the first work for Kulfi. He is ready to make her sing anywhere for the sake of money. Lovely thinks of meeting Nandini and sharing Sikandar’s huge change post the accident. She wants to take Nandini’s advice regarding the possibility of human’s crossover behavior by the trauma.


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