Latest Kasauti Anurag Prerna Upcoming Troubles

Latest Kasauti Anurag Prerna Upcoming Troubles

Latest Kasauti Anurag Prerna prove their love to each other once again. They want to live together and die together. They can’t live without each other. Anurag proves to Mohini how much he loves Prerna. This infuriates Mohini a lot. Prerna tries to escape and hides from the goons. She hears Ronit instructing the goons to find her at any cost. She hides into darkness. She wishes to go out of the place. She manages to sneak out. Anurag wonders what to do to get information about Prerna. He calls Ronit by an excuse and provokes him to know about Prerna. He tells Ronit that Komolika has given him much sorrow and paid for it. Ronit gets angry on him and disconnects the call. Anurag gets a clue about his location. She rushes to save Prerna.

Prerna picks her phone and runs away. She finds Anurag’s car outside and thinks if Anurag has come. She calls Anurag to tell him that she got free. He enters the old haveli and looks for her. He answers her call and asks her whereabouts. She tells him that she has escaped and he should also escape soon. Anurag tells her that she should have called him before. Prerna waits for him outside. Anurag gets caught by Ronit. Ronit asks his goons to beat up Anurag. Anurag falls into new trouble. The goons bash up Anurag. The fight goes on.

Anurag turns heroic and beats them. Prerna gets back to Ronit’s clutches in order to save Anurag. Anurag beats up Ronit and punishes him for torturing Prerna. Goon stops Anurag from beating Ronit. Ronit reveals his plans and confesses his crime to Anurag. Anurag and Prerna get caught at gun point. They have a cute argument and don’t care for the goons. Ronit asks them to spend as much time as possible, since they are soon going to die. Ronit gets tracked by the police. Nivedita makes a plan to follow Ronit and reach Prerna.

Nivedita and Anupam track Ronit’s car and reach the location to save Anurag and Prerna. Anurag confesses his love to Prerna. He tells her that he has done that romantic setup to confess love, but Komolika ruined it all. Veena faces Mohini’s wrath. Mohini wants Prerna out of Anurag’s life. Veena asks Mohini to acknowledge Anurag’s love for Prerna, Anurag has married Prerna and that’s why Prerna is living in Basu house. She pleads to Mohini to accept Prerna as Anurag’s wife. Keep reading for more Latest in Kasauti Anurag Prerna Ki.


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