Trending Kasauti Zindagi Bajaj to separate Anurag Prerna

Trending Kasauti Zindagi Bajaj to separate Anurag Prerna

Trending Kasauti Zindagi Bajaj entry Anurag and Prerna try to leave for home. They make vows to each other once again that they will never leave each other, they will not let any misunderstanding come between them. They are very happy together and have a moment of romance. They go on the highway and try to seek some help. They see a truck and try to get the lift. Ronit stops the truck and gets the lift by bribing the driver. He asks the driver to get Prerna in the truck and speed up by leaving Anurag behind. Prerna tries to get the lift, but fail, since the police is close. Ronit asks driver to drive ahead and not give the lift, since police is behind.

Anurag and Prerna talk to the cops. They get some help and want to inform the families that they are safe. The cops assure to arrange the means of transport for them. Prerna argues with Anurag for not taking the lift from the truck driver. Anurag asks her not to be angry, he will find some place so that they can wait until some taxi comes for them. Anurag learns the highway is far and finds a shade to spend the day. He feels the truck driver was weird and its good they avoided him. They stay in a small hut when it starts raining. Ronit gets down the truck and waits for them to come on the highway.

Anurag and Prerna spend romantic time in the hut since all their misunderstandings got saved. Anurag secures her from all her fears. She gets scared of darkness and thundering. He tells her that he will be her relief now. He wakes up and looks for her. She tells him that she just went out for a fresh air. When they hug and express happiness, Ronit catches them and applauds for their romance. Ronit tries to stab Anurag. Anurag hurts Ronit with the glass piece and gets him in control. Anurag fights Ronit’s goons until the cops come there to arrest Ronit and goons. Ronit flees from there. The cops shoot at Ronit, but he escapes. The goons get arrested.

The cops make arrangements to drop Anurag and Prerna home. Anurag and Prerna reach the house safely. On meeting their families, Anurag breaks the good news that he wants to marry Prerna. He tells Mohini that he is fine and even Prerna is fine. Prerna gets happy meeting Veena. Mohini disapproves Anurag and Prerna’s relation once again, which leads to a big argument in the Basu family. Anurag asks everyone to have sweets, since he has decided to keep his engagement with Prerna tomorrow. Mohini gets a big shock and wants to stop the engagement and marriage. Nivedita wants Mohini to accept Anurag and Prerna’s love, since they are inseparable by heart. Mr. Bajaj will make an entry to separate the lovers.


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