Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Preview Today 12th June 2019

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Preview Today 12th June 2019

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Preview Today Amyra returns from the Karate classes. Lovely asks her where is Kulfi. Amyra tells her that Kulfi wasn’t there. Lovely wants to know where is Kulfi. Chandan’s goon learns that Kulfi wasn’t with Amyra at the classes. He calls Chandan to tell him. Kulfi goes to Lovely and tells her that she was around. The goon tells Chandan that Kulfi was present in the classes. Lovely takes the girls home. Lovely calls on the number she got from Chandan’s phone Chandan is also with his goon at that time. He hears Lovely’s voice on the call and asks his goon to disconnect it. Lovely doubts on Chandan. Chandan tells his goon that Lovely would be doubting on him, he has to play some card to end her doubt.

He goes to Mohendar to take help from him. He lies to Mohendar. Lovely tells Mohendar that Sikandar is taking drugs. Mohendar clears her doubts and tells her that Sikandar has confided in him. He tells that Sikandar was helping his friend, who is a drug addict. He tells that he is also taking care of medical expenses of his friend’s mother. Lovely’s doubt gets cleared. Amyra tells Lovely that she wants to make a photo collage to surprise Sikandar. Kulfi overhears them and gets the same idea. She thinks it will be good if she reminds Bhola their past and relation by using the pictures. Kulfi reaches Pakhi’s house again to meet Bhola.

Bhola plays with the kids. Kulfi tries to talk to him and asks him to see the pictures once. She asks him to listen to her once. He asks her to go, as Pakhi calls her a witch. She tells him that he is her father and this is the truth. She shows him the pictures. Aai gets a huge shock knowing this. She denies this truth and tells Kulfi that Bhola is Pakhi’s father. Kulfi asks Aai not to lie since she is sensible. Aai asks Bhola not to trust the pictures, which can be fake. Kulfi gets depressed. She asks Aai to help her and not snatch her father.

Kulfi gets upset when Bhola makes her out of the house. Kulfi’s friends call Chandan to threaten him. Chandan follows Kulfi to confront her. He wants to know what is she upt o. Chandan sends his goon after Kulfi. The goon reaches Pakhi’s house and gets to see Sikandar. He thinks to inform Chandan about finding Sikandar. Chandan confronts Kulfi and scares her. She lies to him. She is determined to save Sikandar.


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