Read Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala Today 13th June 2019

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala Today 13th June 2019

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala Today Chandan scares Kulfi and asks her what is she doing with her friends. Rocket lies to him that Kulfi came with them for a friend’s birthday celebrations. Chandan doubts on Kulfi and finds Sikandar’s picture with her. He realizes that she is surely lying to him. He doesn’t want Kulfi to reach Sikandar. He gets informed that his goon has tracked Sikandar. He wants to kill Sikandar before Kulfi gets him home. He is also looking for a chance to tackle Sikandar. He asks Kulfi not to go out without his permission.

He tells her that he will be taking her to Dubai and she needs his passport, she will have a big concert in Dubai, she can become a big start and earn well. She worries. She gets an idea and thinks Sikandar would also be having his passport. She wants to prove Sikandar’s identity by using the passport. Chandan asks the goon to kill Sikandar soon. Kulfi meets her friends and tells them that she has got an idea to provide Sikandar’s identity document. She tells them that she won’t be able to meet Sikandar/Bhola in presence of Pakhi. She knows even Chandan’s goon is keeping an eye on her. She asks her friends to get Bhola with them.

Sikandar and Pakhi get happy getting a birthday party invite. They rush to attend the party. They don’t see any party happening and come across Kulfi, who tells them that they will surely get a gift. Kulfi wants to prove her words right to Bhola. Chandan overhears Lovely and Nandini’s talk. Nandini asks Lovely to spy on Sikandar and know his connection with Chandan and Kamla. Lovely gets an idea to verify Sikandar’s statements by questioning him. Pakhi hugs Bhola and asks her to take her away, since she is scared.

Kulfi asks Bhola to show him the passport, if he has it with him. Lovely makes excuses that she has to go to a parlour. Chandan doesn’t let her go. She tells Mohendar that she has to buy a gift for Sikandar but he isn’t letting her go. She requests him to distract Sikandar. When Chandan gets busy with Mohendar, Lovely makes a leave.

Lovely and Nandini meet fake Chandan, planted by Chandan and try to question him. The man lies to them as Chandan taught him. Nandini cross questions him and doubts on him. Remand home officer helps Kulfi and tells Bhola that he is Sikandar and he should go home. Bhola cries and tells Kulfi that she can’t leave Pakhi. He begs Kulfi not to separate Pakhi and him. Kulfi sheds tears watching him cry. She wants Sikandar to stay happy with Pakhi. She leaves him free and asks him to go with Pakhi if he wants, she will never bother him again. Bhola gets surprised with her kind behavior.


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