Udaan and Ishq SubhanAllah Hyped drama tracks

Ishq SubhanAllah Shocking twist Bahu Begum Spoilers

Udaan and Ishq SubhanAllah Chakor wants to save Anjor from Ranvijay. He tells Anjor that he will play a game with her. He blind folds her and takes her to the terrace. He threatens Chakor that he will push down Anjor and kill her. Chakor pleads to Ranvijay not to hurt Anjor. She worries for Anjor’s life. She fails to explain to Anjor that she isn’t safe with Ranvijay. He just scares Chakor to remind her limits. Chakor tries to send Anjor out of the house. She hides Anjor in the kitchen. Anjor runs out from the window. Ranvijay asks Bua to find Chakor and Anjor. He captures Chakor and threatens to kill her. Chakor is ready to give her life for her daughter’s sake. She plans and gets the gun bullets changed. Jaya and Vanshika support Chakor to save Anjor.

They realize that Chakor was right, as Ranvijay accepts that he has killed Sameer. They also want to take revenge on evil Ranvijay, and protect Sameer’s coming child. Ranvijay kills Chakor. He shoots her dead. Chakor fakes her death to trick Ranvijay. Jaya asks Ranvijay to free her family and let them go away. Ranvijay gives freedom to Manoj, Jaya and Vanshika. He asks his men to throw out Chakor’s body. He rushes to find Anjor. He catches Anjor and gets her home again. He calls a doctor home to perform Anjor’s abortion.


Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara and Azhar have a meet with friends at the cafe. Ruksar gets Kabeer there to create a misunderstanding. Kaveer gets angry on a guy and vents out frustration. Ruksar sends the waiter to provoke Kabeer. Zara stops Kabeer from the fight. She finds his hand bleeding and asks someone to get first aid. She does aid to his hand and shows her caring side. She pretends to be strong and not concerned for Kabeer, but she melts down seeing Kabeer’s injury. Kabeer and Zara have a moment.


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