Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shocking Lovely Chandan join hands

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shocking Lovely Chandan join hands

There is a huge drama plotted by Sikandar’s wife Loveleen/Lovely. She conspires to catch Chandan red-handed. She wants Chandan to accept his identity. She plans to trick him in the sugary trap so that he himself feels overconfident of his success and falls in her words. Lovely returns home from the police station, after knowing that Sikandar and Chandan met with an accident that day and police found just one of them. She realizes that its Chandan who is living with them with Sikandar’s identity, since the doctors gave him Sikandar’s reconstructed face. She gets confronted by Chandan, who asks her the reason for arriving late and that too after visiting the police station.

Chandan asks her the reason for spying on him. He asks her if she is doubtful of him. Lovely accepts her doubts on him and also the great findings which she made recently about his identity. She tells him that only Amyra’s happiness matters to him, and even if he isn’t Sikandar, but Chandan, she would not care for this truth. She reveals to him that she already learnt the truth that he is Chandan, who got Sikandar’s face by the fault of destiny. Chandan gets much surprised when Lovely accepts him in Sikandar’s place in the family.

She tells him that she hates Kulfi, but Sikandar never cared for Amyra and her. She also reveals how Sikandar used to insult her for the sake of Kulfi and family. She tells Chandan that she is happy to have him for Amyra’s betterment and happiness and now they won’t talk about Sikandar ever. She feels its good that Sikandar is away. She also tells him that Sikandar just loved Kulfi and always hurt Amyra. Inspector comes home to ask Lovely about Chandan. Lovely asks inspector to not come home next time to bother her husband.


She defends Chandan in front of the police. She wins Chandan’s trust with ease. Chandan feels lucky that Lovely has accepted him. He feels he is safe now. Lovely tries to know about his next plan against Sikandar. She thinks just Chandan can make her reach Sikandar. Kulfi gets visited by her friend Rocket, who falls in trouble because of Chandan. Amyra spends time with Chandan, while Kulfi sings a song to cover up Rocket’s presence at home. Kulfi wants Rocket to go away safely. Chandan rests assured that Lovely is on her side. Lovely aims to get Chandan punished, but after securing Sikandar’s life.


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