Kartik Naira Kairav Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming

Kartik Naira Kairav Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming

Kartik Naira Kairav Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th June 2019 Kartik calls back on the number to reach Kairav. He fails to connect to Kairav. He expects Kairav’s call and stays with his phone by putting it on charging. Kartik gets his manager’s call. Manager tells him that the client isn’t paying them since few months even when the goods are delivered. Kartik doesn’t focus on the work issues. He asks manager to get details of Kairav’s number. He learns that the number is from Goa. He hears Vedika getting an offer from Goa art exhibition. Vedika gets glad with the offer and accepts it. Vedika tells Suwarna and Dadi that she is willing to go to Goa. Kartik congratulates Vedika for her success streak. Naira feels sorry to Kairav that she isn’t able to handle the problems alone.

Kairav asks her to take help from his dad who can teach a lesson to the goons. Naira doesn’t want to take help from Kartik. She doesn’t give up and keeps courage. She asks Kairav not to talk about his dad again. She promises to get a better home for him. She misses Kartik and gains courage from his memories. The landlord calls Naira and asks her to apologize to the goons to end the matter. Naira goes to talk to the landlord. Naira refuses to apologize to the goons. She promises to tackle the goons. Kairav tells Naira’s friend that he can call his dad for helping Naira. He runs to the same person to borrow the phone and call Kartik again.

He shares the goons’ troubling matter with Kartik. He asks Kartik to come to Goa to help Naira. Kartik encourages Kairav and gives him an idea to get neighbors for help. Naira tells the landlord that they have to put an end to the goons’ threatening. Kairav gets some girls there and tells Naira that they all will fight the goons. Kairav helps Naira as a strong kid. Kairav tells Naira that she is a tigress. Kairav reminds her of Kartik. Kairav becomes a source of memories for both Naira and Kartik. Naira gets emotional and thanks Kairav.

Samarth scolds Vansh when he plays carelessly and doesn’t accept his mistake. He makes Vansh apologize to Vedika. Kartik helps Vansh and pampers him. Vedika likes Kartik’s helpful gesture. Vedika saves Kartik from getting hurt. Manish and Dadi discuss the possibilities of Kartik and Vedika’s Goa trip. Manish feels Kartik will never agree to accompany Vedika. Dadi asks him to convince Kartik some way so that Kartik and Vedika come close. She wants to get them married. Manish doesn’t want Dadi to force Kartik for remarriage.

He doesn’t want his son to leave the house. He worries for Kartik and gets consoled by Suwarna. Manish asks Kartik if he is going to Goa with Vedika. Kartik thinks of Kairav’s request. Manish doesn’t compel Kartik. When Kartik agrees to go to Goa with Vedika, Manish and Vedika get surprised. Kartik wants to know his relation with Kairav, who has connected with him by fate. He thinks of Kairav, the little frog kid. Vedika is happy that Kartik is accompanying her to Goa.

When the goons threaten Naira and ill talk about her husband, Naira takes a stand for herself. She doesn’t hear anything wrong about Kartik. Kartik waits for Kairav’s call again. Naira and the girls fight the goons and bash them up. Kairav cheers the girls and wants the goons to run away. The landlords praise Naira for her bravery and permit her to stay in the house. Naira gets worried when Kairav goes missing. Naira and Kartik unknowingly connect by Kairav’s mischief. Keep reading on Kartik Naira Kairav Rishta twists.


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