Kasautii Zindagii Ki Life threatening moment for Anurag

Kasautii Prerna revives a nearly dead Anurag

Kasautii Zindagii Ki 18th June 2019 Preview Anurag and Prerna are happy that they are together. They are sure to always stay united and tackle the problems. Prerna enjoys the rains and imagines Anurag with her. She gets daydreaming about their romance. She wishes to spend good time with Anurag. She wishes he was really with her. She makes vows to him once again. Shivani teases Prerna and asks her what’s happening to her. Prerna imagines Anurag everywhere. She calls Anurag to have a talk. Anupam answers her call and informs that Anurag forgot the phone at home, he is worried because of Mr. Bajaj. He tells Prerna that Anurag was shouting in his sleep because of Mr. Bajaj’s issue. Prerna wants to know who is Mr. Bajaj and why is he desperately willing to ruin Anurag.

Anurag heads to office to sort the huge mess. Prerna tells Anupam that she will meet Anurag at the office. Anupam hopes she finds out the matter. Anurag happens to see the news of Mr. Bajaj acquiring Gujraal company. He fails to get more information about Mr. Bajaj. Gujraal alerts the other businessmen against Mr. Bajaj and asks them never to invite Mr. Bajaj with a business proposal. He tells the reporters how Mr. Bajaj has ruined his company by his unfair means. Meanwhile, Veena is much upset that Mohini has presented the fish in the Shagun.

She purifies herself with Gangajan. She wants to end ties with Basu family. She goes to talk to Prerna. She finds Prerna worried regarding Mr. Bajaj. She doesn’t tell about Mohini. Prerna tells her about Anurag’s problems. Veena thinks Prerna will be just happy with Anurag, since he means the world to him. She wants to do anything to protect her daughter’s future. Veena decides to support Anurag and Prerna. Mohini gets busy in the arrangements again. She includes non-veg food in the menu so that Veena fails to tolerate the sight. Nivedita sees Mohini happy and thinks that Mohini has finally accepted Prerna. Anupam doubts that Mohini is up to something new.

Mohini conspires to hurt Veena so that the alliance finally breaks. Prerna meets Anurag at the office and helps him in finding about Mr. Bajaj. She doesn’t want Anurag to stay stressed. Anurag doesn’t want him to take any tension. Stormy winds strike them. Prerna opposes the winds to protect. Mr. Bajaj enjoys his success party. A lady flirts with him. Mr. Bajaj reprimands the lady, who isn’t loyal to her husband. He makes a leave from the party. Anurag tries to track Mr. Bajaj and raise a huge row. Mr. Bajaj snatches Anurag’s business. When Mr. Bajaj threatens to kill him and ruin everything, Anurag gets scared of him. Mr. Bajaj swears to ruin Anurag’s personal and professional balance. Keep reading on Kasautii Zindagii Ki.


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