Kullfi Kumarr Baajewala THIS Revelation panics Lovely

Kullfi Kumarr Baajewala THIS Revelation panics Lovely

Kullfi Kumarr Baajewala Kulfi wants to inform Rocket about Chandan wanting to kill Bhola. She finds Rocket coming home and worries for his safety. Rocket hides from Chandan. Nandini gets emotional when Aai gets leaving. Aai asks Nandini to send Bhola to the music camp since he is very talented. Bhola is happy that Aai isn’t upset with him. Aai connects with him emotionally and relies on him. She gives him Nandini and Pakhi’s responsibility. Chandan’s goon keeps an eye on Bhola and waits for the chance to shoot him down. Chandan doubts that someone is hiding behind. Before he could see Rocket, Lovely arrives home. Lovely gets too worried for Amyra.

Chandan finds Lovely’s behavior strange and doesn’t let her reach Amyra. Amyra tells Lovely that she is with her dad and there is nothing to worry. Chandan threatens Lovely indirectly and tells her that he will take Amyra away with him. He asks Amyra to trust him and come with him. Amyra loves Sikandar a lot. Chandan threatens Lovely with a knife. Lovely gets scared seeing his weird dangerous behavior. Chandan tells Lovely that its his house now and he will be living with them. Lovely signals Kulfi that she also knows Chandan’s truth. Kulfi can’t believe that Lovely got to know the truth finally about the imposter.

Chandan tells Lovely that he has got a family and hopes that she understands where their happiness lies. Kulfi signals Rocket to rush to Bhola. Rocket sees Chandan’s threatening towards the family. The goon reaches Bhola to kill him. Kulfi sings a song and pleads to him. She passes the message to him via her song so that he can understand that Sikandar aka Bhola is in danger. Lovely tries to derive the meaning from Kulfi’s song. Rocket understands what Kulfi means to say. Rocket wants to save Sikandar’s life. Kulfi leaves everything on fate. Chandan expects a call from his goon. Rocket takes help from his friends to save Sikandar.

The kids try to alert Bhola by shouting about a thief entering the house. Sikandar gets alert, while the goon runs away. Chandan gets angered knowing Sikandar isn’t dead. Lovely tells Kulfi that she was right about Chandan, Sikandar went missing post the accident. She feels Kulfi was always right about Chandan, she can never misidentify her father. She asks Kulfi to save Amyra from Chandan. She feels scared. Kulfi asks Lovely not to panic. She encourages Lovely to fight back and face the fear. Kulfi reveals the shocking truth to Lovely that Sikandar is alive and Chandan has sent the goons to kill him today. Lovely can’t believe this that Kulfi has found her father. Kulfi tells Lovely that she has sent her friends to save Sikandar.

She gives her a phone number to connect to Rocket. Rocket tells Kulfi that they have saved Sikandar together. Kulfi is grateful to her remand home friends. Lovely offers them help to save Sikandar. She asks the kids to save Sikandar by sending him to the secure place like the music camp. Kulfi wants to help Sikandar by her earned money. Kulfi asks Rocket to shift Sikandar to the camp soon. Lovely asks Kulfi why isn’t Sikandar protecting himself, why isn’t he returning home to the family.

Kulfi reveals the bigger shock of Sikandar’s memory loss, which is the result of his alienation. Lovely wants to do anything to save Sikandar and get him home. She apologizes to Kulfi. Kulfi wants to take responsibility of finding Sikandar and returning him all his memories. Lovely feels proud of Kulfi. She wants to accompany Kulfi. Kulfi asks her to protect Amyra from Chandan, until she gets Sikandar home. She decides to go to the same medical camp. Lovely tricks Chandan to send Kulfi to the camp and expresses her fake hatred for Kulfi. Keep reading for more Kullfi Kumarr Baajewala twists.


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