Silsila Double Shocker for Veer Read WHY

Silsila Double Shocker for Veer Read WHY

Silsila Double Shocker for Veer Read WHY Mishti questions Pari about her feelings. Pari wants to tell her about Ruhaan. Arnav interrupts them and tells them that he is joining Pari in her business. Pari wants Arnav to become her business partner, since he has quit the job at Veer’s company. Mishti supports Pari’s decision and feels proud. She welcomes Arnav in the company. She is sure that Arnav will get more success for them. She asks Arnav and Pari to work well and handle the company, as its all on their shoulders from now. Mishti asks Pari if Ruhaan had food. Pari tells her that she is equally stubborn like Ruhaan and fed the food to him. Mishti is happy that Ruhaan didn’t go for work on an empty stomach. Mishti wants Ruhaan to take care of himself.

She wants to meet Ruhaan and end their differences. Pari tells Arnav that she wants to tell her feelings to Ruhaan. She gives the good hint from Ruhaan’s side. She also shares that Radhika is aware of their relation. Arnav is happy for Pari, as a friend. He gets depressed within his heart for losing her love. Radhika wants to tell Mishti about Pari and Ruhaan. Mishti doesn’t hear the news. Ruhaan finishes his shoot. He awaits Mishti’s call. He gets a surprise visit by Mishti while he wraps up. Mishti’s entry makes him emotional. Pari finds the card and assumes that Ruhaan has left it for her. Radhika wishes Pari gets her love. Pari accepts that she loves Ruhaan.

Mishti and Ruhaan come closer on their unplanned date. Veer gets upset over his meet with Pari. He finds hard to move on without Mishti in his life. He feels once Pari’s heart breaks, she will know his pain. He is heartbroken that he lost Mishti and also Ruhaan. He can’t take this that Ruhaan had ended their friendship because of Mishti. He decides to meet Ruhaan for a talk. Mishti likes the romantic shoot setting. Ruhaan requests Veer to always hold on their relation and never give up, even if he steps back. Mishti doesn’t want him to have the relation his way all the time. Ruhaan gifts her a pretty dress.

They enjoy some moments of romance, only for Veer to walk in and witness them. Veer feels cheated by Ruhaan as well. Ruhaan and Mishti confess their love for each other. Veer realizes his big mistake to get Ruhaan in their lives. Ruhaan feels disturbed seeing the anger in Veer’s eyes. He is equally guilty to break Veer’s heart. Veer plots to reveal Ruhaan and Mishti’s relation truth to Pari to create complications in their lives.


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