Star Plus Upcoming 18th June 2019

Star Plus Quick Sneak peek of Top 2 Prime Hits

Star Plus Upcoming 18th June 2019 Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke Kunal and Abir return home and are happy that everything is sorted. They give the pleasant news to the family that Abir has founded a school successfully. Meenakshi and Parul are happy to see them smiling. Meenakshi asks them how did they come home together when they went to different places. Abir tells her that Kunal has come to the camp to meet him. Meenakshi is glad seeing their strong bonding. Mishti tries to contact Abir and apologize to him. Abir doesn’t answer the calls. Nanu sees Abir’s phone and answers the call. He tells Mishti that Abir has gone to the temple. Mishti rushes to the temple to meet him. She faces Varsha, who doubts that Mishti and Kuhu are hiding something. Kuhu lies to Varsha that she was with her friend.

Jasmeet tells Varsha about Kuhu’s bracelet, which is special for her. Kuhu admits her feelings for Kunal. She reminds Varsha her promise and asks her to get her married to Kunal. Varsha dismisses her request and asks her not to talk to Kunal from now. Mishti asks Varsha to give a chance to Kunal and Kuhu’s relationship, they can find love in their lives. Mishti tells Varsha that Abir also knows about Kuhu’s love story and is supportive. Abir imagines Mishti at the temple. He thinks he has gone crazy for her. Mishti really reaches the temple and apologizes to him. He feels that he is day dreaming even now.

He then realizes that she is really here. He doesn’t want to talk to her. Mishti sweetly wins his apology when she acts exactly like him. Meenakshi meets Rajshri at the temple and predicts a bad future for Mishti, who ruins Mishti’s happiness.

Happy hears a sound and wants to know who is around. She misses to see Honey. Happy meets Sandhya and cries when the latter doesn’t recognize her. Sandhya asks her about her little daughter. Happy wants to help Sandhya recover. They have an emotional moment after a long time. She gets Sandhya with her. Honey witnesses Sandhya and Happy’s bonding. He gets impressed with Happy and wants to live with her. He wants to stay away from Harleen, who isn’t a good mother. Harleen is worried that Honey has gone missing. Madhu asks Harleen to find Honey before Rocky comes back home. Harleen makes Madhu work as the house maid.

She goes to file the police complaint about Honey’s kidnapping. Madhu also rushes after her, in tension about Honey. Madhu and Harleen file the report that Honey is kidnapped. The inspector assures to find Harleen. Happy wants Sandhya to remember their memories. Honey sees Happy taking good care of Sandhya. He steals the food from the kitchen and eats.

Happy thinks where is the food going and how. She makes food for Sandhya once again. Harleen avoids Rocky’s calls, until she finds Harleen. Rocky informs Madhu that he is coming home. Harleen doesn’t stop Rocky from coming, since this can make him suspicious. The kidnappers wait for Happy to leave from the house. Happy wants to arrange a nurse for Sandhya. Sandhya gets to see Honey and asks him if he is Happy’s friend. He nods to her and doesn’t know that Khushi is Happy. He gets much loved by Sandhya. Happy isn’t aware that Honey was living in her house.

The couple flees when they come across Happy. Honey gets kidnapped by the couple, whom he met at the airport. They want to get Honey for their ill motives. Happy gets arrested on the charges of Honey’s kidnapping. Happy doesn’t want her identity to come out because of this baseless case. She doesn’t want her truth to get known to Rocky.


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