Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Extreme Revenge mode for Sahil

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Extreme Revenge mode for Sahil

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Extreme Revenge twist. Sahil wonders why isn’t Munna informing him about Bhallas. He isn’t aware that Raman has threatened Munna well and now Munna would be passing him the wrong information provided by the police. Sahil gets misled and reaches Bhalla house to spy on them himself. He wants to know what are Raman and Ishita planning. He meets Munna and wants answers. He gets a shocking news of the police raiding his house and hideout. He doesn’t know who has filed the complaint against him. He gets hiding from the police. Ishita is happy to know that police has issued the arrest warrant against Sahil and will soon catch him. She tells the family that very soon they will be free from Sahil’s evil games and happiness can be restored in the family again.

Shaina is happy that Bhallas are living in peace. She didn’t wish Bhallas to suffer because of Sahil. Ishita is grateful to Shaina and wants to help her. She asks Shaina to live her life to the fullest without any fears, since Sahil will never come back in their lives. Shaina is scared of Sahil and wants to see him behind bars. Everyone encourages Shaina and also praises her bravery. Shaina asks them to permit her to live with them for few days, since she has no place to go. Ishita and entire family support Shaina and willingly want her to live with them. Shaina agrees to stay with them and goes to make sweets for them to celebrate the peaceful moments.

On the other hand, Yug is happy that Aaliya took a stand for him and didn’t believe Neha. He thanks her for always being a supportive life partner. He feels sorry to always upset her. Aaliya tells Yug that she believes him a lot, its because of their true love. They have a moment of romance. Similarly, Ruhi and Karan have a sweet moment where Karan confesses his love for Ruhi. Karan tells her that he likes Bhalla family but he really loves to become part of the family. Simmi finds them together. She asks Ruhi to accept Karan, who has really changed now. She wants Ruhi to be happy with Karan.

Simmi decides to talk to Ishita and Raman about Karan and Ruhi’s remarriage. Ishita likes the sweets prepared by Shaina. Raman goes out of the home to find about Munna. He gets Munna threatened once again. Raman then realizes that his plan flopped, since Sahil has learnt about Shaina. Sahil takes a disguise to find out if Shaina is really alive, according to the information he has heard. Ishita tells Raman that they have to protect Shaina from Sahil’s wrath. Raman tells Ishita about his huge blunder of revealing about Shaina’s existence. He fears that Sahil won’t leave Shaina. Sahil enters the house in a disguise to kill his enemies.


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