Watch Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Help Promo Latest Track

Watch Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Help Promo Latest Track

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Help Promo Kulfi and Lovely make a plan to send Sikandar to the music camp to secure him from Chandan and his goons. Kulfi tells Lovely that she will also go to the music camp and try to remind Sikandar about his past memories. Lovely assures Kulfi that she will trick Chandan and convince him to send Kulfi to the camp. Lovely plans a drama to show her hatred towards Kulfi so that Chandan doesn’t doubt on her. The driver reaches Sikandar to take him to the camp. He tells Nandini that Bhola’s fees are already paid and now there isn’t any money issues, Guru ji wants Bhola at the camp. Pakhi is upset that Bhola would be going away.

Nandini supports Bhola’s dreams and asks Pakhi not to pose problems that would make Bhola upset. She doesn’t want Pakhi to emotionally drain out Bhola. She asks Pakhi to let Bhola go and get trained in music further so that he can get good work. Pakhi agrees to her. Chandan gets surprised when Lovely reprimands Kulfi. She asks Kulfi to practice well and sing in the Dubai concert. She wants Kulfi to go to the camp and learn singing. Chandan doubts on them and tells them that he will send Kulfi to the camp, but on one condition that he will drop her and meet Guru ji. Kulfi gets tensed that Chandan can see Sikandar there and know her plans.

Chandan wants his goons to keep an eye on Kulfi. Chandan doesn’t see Sikandar. He instructs his goons and leaves from the camp without wasting much time. Lovely uses Chandan’s absence at home and hatches a new plan against him. Bhola makes an entry and meets Kulfi. Kulfi doesn’t want Chandan’s goon to see Sikandar. She misleads the goon and runs away from there. She goes to the ladies washroom. The goon follows her and then lands in trouble. The ladies beat him for entering the ladies washroom. Kulfi gets rid of the goon. She wants to meet Bhola and connect to him by the music once again. Kulfi runs to Bhola. She wants to remind the past to Sikandar.

Lovely hires some actors who pose as cops. Lovely defends Chandan and asks the cops to just leave and not question Sikandar. She plays a drama in front of Chandan. She acts that she is happy that Sikandar is gone. She tells Chandan that she knows his truth and she is happy with this since she has got much freedom after Sikandar’s leaving. She tells him that she feels relieved to get rid of Sikandar and Kulfi. Chandan believes her and tells her that he will not hurt Amyra, he loves Amyra. Lovely gets happy to fool him. She wants to protect Sikandar.

She is sure that she can expose Chandan’s truth. She hopes that Kulfi reminds Sikandar about their relations. She is angry that Chandan tried to kill Sikandar and took his place. She wants to get Chandan punished. The kids at the camp meet Sikandar and identify him. When they realize that he is mentally a child now, they make fun of him. Kulfi takes a stand for her father. She protects him from the mocking kids. Bhola doesn’t want her to follow him. Kulfi challenges him that she will remind the past in ten days and then take him home.

Bhola doesn’t think that she can succeed and accepts the challenge. He tells her that she is evil fairy as Pakhi told him. She is sure to clean her image in his eyes and make him see her heart, which longs for her father. Kulfi gears up to win Sikandar’s heart once again.


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