Kulfi Kumar Sikandar regains memory Huge twists ahead

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala TellyReviews Highlights

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar regains his memories 21st June 2019 Kulfi and Sikandar sing together and spend time in the music class. Pakhi gets angry on Kulfi for following Sikandar. Kulfi tells her that Bhola will recognize her soon and accept her as his daughter. Nandini gets to see Kulfi and asks Pakhi about her. Pakhi doesn’t tell her anything. Sikankar aka Bhola join the class. Kulfi gets happy. Vikram doubts on Sikandar on seeing him behave like a kid. He is sure that Bhola has the voice of Sikandar. He doesn’t know what’s happening. Has has much hatred for Sikandar and wants to insult him. He finds out that Sikandar is at home with his family. He wonders how can Bhola sing the same way as Sikandar, his voice and looks are same as Sikandar. He gets confused and wants to find out the truth.

He asks Sikandar will he sing again and faint in the class. Sikandar tells Vikram that he has become strong now. The kids ask Sikandar if he knows anything about music. Sikandar doesn’t know anything much about music. The kids get a chance to laugh on him. Sikandar tells the kids that he used to sing at home before, he can sing naturally, he can sing at any time without any efforts. He sings for the kids. Vikram calls Bhola a loser and insults him. Kulfi tries to take a stand for Bhola. She can’t tell Bhola’s real name. Vikram feels Bhola has no idea about the real music world. He vents out his anger on Sikandar.

When the kids mock Bhola, he gets upset and cries at some corner. Kulfi goes to console him. Sikandar fails to entertain the kids and becomes a topic of laugh for them. Sikandar/Bhola cries like a kid. Lovely comes to see him and feels pity seeing his mental condition. She realizes why he can’t protect himself from the world, and why Kulfi is being with him to save him. Kulfi hands over Nimrat’s kerchief to Sikandar to remind him the past. Kulfi sings a song to stop Sikandar from going far. He refuses to stay back in the camp. Kulfi cheers him up and encourages him to fight back for his esteem. Sikandar tells Kulfi that she is an evil person and he doesn’t want to befriend her. Kulfi wants him to know their relation. She don’t wish to lose ever. Lovely feels proud of Kulfi.


She meets Nandini and reveals about Sikandar’s lookalike Chandan living with them, because of the wrong face construction surgery done on Chandan. She tells Nandini about Sikandar’s mental condition, who has lost all his memories and turned into a child. Nandini feels sorry and tells Lovely that she will help her in dealing with Sikandar. Lovely doesn’t want Chandan to know anything. She prays that Sikandar regains his memories. Nandini gives her hopes and wishes that Lovely’s problems get solved. Nandini haven’t seen Sikandar until now.

She doesn’t know if Bhola is Sikandar. She finds both the cases similar and thinks to find out Sikandar. Kulfi follows Sikandar and rings an alarm to get him caught by the guards. The guards don’t let Bhola leave from the camp. Chandan’s new aide reaches Sikandar to kill him. Danger reaches Sikandar. Kulfi explains Sikandar that she isn’t evil and wants to be with him for his betterment. He doesn’t believe her. Kulfi sings to remind him their relation. Sikandar recalls few of his memories with Nimrat, Lovely and their daughters.

Nandini gets a major shock knowing Bhola is the superstar singer Sikandar Singh Gill. She can’t believe that she has fallen in love with Lovely’s husband. Kulfi Kumar Sikandar regains his memories about Kulfi. He hugs Kulfi and identifies her. Kulfi gets overjoyed with Sikandar’s memory regaining. Nandini fears to lose Bhola. She doesn’t want Bhola to leave from her life and leave her family incomplete again. Sikandar forgets his life as Bhola. He gets his memory on the right time, when the threat of his life reaches close. The music camp kids play a dirty track on Sikandar to take revenge.



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