Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Weekend Unexpected Shock twists

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Weekend Unexpected Shock twists

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Weekend 22nd June 2019 Kulfi gets happy when Sikandar regains his memory. The music camp kids play a bad prank on him and leave him hurt. He gets mentally drained by their shocking prank. He loses his memory once again. Sikandar forgets Kulfi and his family. Vikram instructs the kids not to play little pranks which are worthless. They ask them to do something big. Kulfi asks Sikandar is he fine. She finds him fainting. Sikandar tells her that he isn’t her dad and makes her away. He turns into Bhola again, leaving Kulfi shocked. Sikandar gets struck by the high sound waves and resumes his old mental state. Kulfi gets sorrowful seeing him as Bhola.

The kids apologize to Bhola to cheat him again. Kulfi asks Sikandar not to befriend them, the kids are evil-minded and may hurt him again. Bhola doesn’t listen to her and accepts their friendship. Kulfi fails to secure him and remind him the past. Chandan sends his confidant to kill Sikandar at the music camp. The evil woman doesn’t think before the attack and is ready to risk little Kulfi’s life to accomplish her mission of killing Sikandar. On the other hand, Nandini learns that Bhola is legendary singer Sikandar Singh Gill and weeps a lot. She gets herself in the balance mode and wonders if she would do injustice with Lovely’s family by hiding Bhola’s truth.

Nandini becomes a selfish mother, whose sole motive is to save Pakhi’s happiness. She knows Pakhi can never ever get a better person than Bhola. She doesn’t want Bhola to leave from their lives. Nandini decides to hide Sikandar’s truth from Lovely. She doesn’t want Lovely to come across Bhola. Nandini isn’t aware that Sikandar’s daughter Kulfi has already reached him to save his life and also help him regain the memory. Kulfi gets big tasks on her shoulders, being unaware of the many enemies around. Vikram, the music camp kids and Chandan’s goons get after Sikandar’s life and happiness. How will Kulfi protect Sikandar and take him back home? Keep reading.


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