Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Sikandar face-to-face with Chandan

Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Sikandar face-to-face with Chandan

Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Sikandar face-to-face with Chandan TellyReviews 26th June 2019 Sikandar continues his act as Bhola and lies to Kulfi in order to protect her and their family. He wants to find out who is Chandan and how did he take his place at home. He asks Kulfi to take him home if she is his friend. Kulfi fears of Chandan. She tells him that Chandan may harm him if she takes him home. He asks her if Chandan has hurt someone at their home. Kulfi tells him that everything is fine, but Chandan is after his life. Pakhi cries to meet Bhola. She asks Nandini why did she send Bhola so far.

Nandini feels like doing a mistake to lie to Pakhi that Bhola is her dad. Lovely calls up at the music camp to inform Kulfi that she has gathered the proof against Chandan. She asks Kulfi to get Sikandar home as soon as possible and everything will get sorted. Kulfi tells Sikandar that Lovely wants him home soon. She regrets that Sikandar doesn’t know that he is her dad. Sikandar asks her to stick to her beliefs that she is his daughter. Kulfi tells him that she is really his daughter. He asks her to prove her belief and take him home. She gets ready to take the big risk and take him home on his insistence.

Sikandar wants to fail Chandan at any cost. Kulfi rushes back to stop Pakhi from creating a hurdle. She stops Pakhi and Nandini from meeting Sikandar. Pakhi tells Nandini that Kulfi is taking Bhola away. Kulfi tells Nandini that Bhola is Sikandar, her dad. She asks Nandini to accept the truth and tell it to Pakhi as well. Pakhi doesn’t believe Kulfi. Kulfi understands Nandini’s helplessness and begs her to let her take Sikandar home. She asks Nandini not to snatch her dad. She tells Nandini that Sikandar’s family is waiting for him.

Nandini stops Pakhi and asks Kulfi to take away Sikandar. She consoles a crying Pakhi, who just wants Bhola back. Nandini shows a big heart and shatters. Kulfi gets Sikandar home by his will. Sikandar gets too happy to come home after a long time. He feels overjoyed and looks forward to meet Amyra and rest of the family. He can’t express his happiness. Chandan overhears Lovely’s conversation and learns her plans. He gets threatening her that he will kill Sikandar. She is sure that Chandan can’t harm Sikandar. She feels Sikandar is the strength of the family and none can break him down. Chandan reminds Lovely about Amyra.

He holds Amyra captive and threatens Lovely further. Lovely doesn’t find Amyra at home. Chandan asks Lovely not to act smart, else she will lose Amyra. She doesn’t want anything to happen to Amyra. She wants Amyra’s safety first. She is ready to obey his plans to save Amyra. Sikandar hides the fact that he has regained his memories. Lovely gets surprised on seeing Sikandar back. He expects Lovely to believe him. She sheds tears and runs to Sikandar, passing by and landing near Chandan. She executes Chandan’s plan to save Sikandar’s life. She plays the drama on Chandan’s word. She asks Kulfi why did she come back from the music camp with a stranger. Kulfi asks Lovely to believe Sikandar.

Sikandar comes face-to-face with Chandan. Chandan wants Lovely to prove him as Sikandar when the cops come. Chandan asks her to stop her plotting, she can never win. Kulfi can’t believe that Lovely is supporting Chandan. Lovely tells Kulfi that she is protecting her family. She asks Kulfi to accept that Chandan is Sikandar for them. She behaves weird to inform Sikandar about Chandan’s plan. Sikandar knows Lovely well and realizes that she wants to tell her something about the family. Sikandar and Kulfi get the hint from Lovely and ask about Amyra. Chandan tells them that Amyra has gone to her school.

Mohendar and Gunjan can’t believe Sikandar and his lookalike. Kulfi breaks the news that Sikandar is her dad, while Chandan is an imposter. Sikandar stays innocent as Bhola so that Chandan doesn’t get alert. Chandan tells Mohendar that Kulfi is troubling him again. He sheds fake tears to fool the family. Kulfi knows Chandan’s truth well. Chandan counts his favors on the family and asks them to support him when the police comes. Sikandar watches Chandan’s drama. Lovely calls the cops and shocks Chandan. Chandan threatens her and asks why didn’t she stop the cops. Lovely tells him that she had taken the complaint back. Inspector asks Lovely if everything is fine. He gets to see Sikandar and Chandan. He asks Lovely if the confusion got cleared.

Lovely tells him that Bhola has mental imbalance, Kulfi had pity on him and got him home. Lovely asks the cops to rest assured and leave. Lovely asks Kulfi to drop Sikandar to the same place from where she has got him. She wants Sikandar to stay fine. Sikandar asks Lovely not to worry for him, he will go home on his own. Chandan kicks him out of the house. Sikandar finds his family in grave danger. He worriedly leaves and decides to make a plan to save them. Kulfi realizes that Sikandar has recovered from the memory loss and acting wise to cheat Chandan. She gets happy to meet him and doesn’t want him to fool her more. Kulfi and Sikandar finally have a father-daughter union. He accepts Kulfi as Nimrat and his daughter. Keep reading for more on Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Sikandar reunion.


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