StarPlus Yeh Hain Mohabbatein Shocking track begins

Mohabbatein Ishita to be shot dead once again

StarPlus Yeh Hain Mohabbatein Shocking track begins 26th June 2019 Karan and Yug struggle to tie the Dhoti gifted to them for the special function of Shaina’s son Samar’s Naamkarann puja. Yug takes Aaliya’s help and gets into a cute moment with her. Karan fails to properly tie the Dhoti and comes out of his room. Ruhi laughs seeing his struggles. Karan gets happy to see her smile. He asks her to help him if she knows it. He asks her why didn’t she learn this from Mr. Iyer. He romances her and turns her nervous. She makes an excuse to run away. Mani and Shagun join the Bhalla family as well and congratulate Shaina.

Shaina gets decked up after a long time and feels uncomfortable. Shagun compliments her looks and asks her to come for the puja. Raman gets sweets for the family. He gets a summon from the commissioner. He goes to the commissioner’s office. He gets a good news that Mathur has refused to fight Sahil’s case knowing the long crimes list of Sahil Shah. Commissioner applauds Raman and Ishita for all his help and bravery to get Sahil caught. He tells Raman that now Sahil will be in jail forever and get punished, he won’t pose any problems for them.

Raman tells him that he has just done his duty towards the country. He is a good citizen and wants to protect the country people. Commissioner wishes him all the best. Shaina is worried when a bad omen occurs. She completes the puja. She sees the NGO lady and asks her if she will take Samar. Shagun tells Shaina that none will take away her son, Shaina can legally adopt him. Shaina gets her rights on her son. Everyone stays happy. Raman informs the family that Sahil has last hope Mathur and now Sahil will always be in the jail. Shaina is thankful to Bhallas for all the love and care.

Shaina is relieved to get away from Sahil. Raman gets Samar admitted in a big school. Shaina bonds with Raman as his sister and is grateful to him. She has self-esteem and wants to be on her own. Raman tells her that she is like Simmi for him. He asks Shaina and Samar to head for Chandigarh to their new home. Shaina’s track wraps up. The Bhallas discuss about Aaliya and Yug’s marriage, since they have been waiting since long. Simmi wants Ruhi and Karan to get married soon. Karan asks Ruhi not to disturb Aaliya and Yug. He tells her that they should also get their marriage date fixed. Ruhi wants Sudha’s consent for the marriage.

She tells Karan that she wants to marry him, but she wants Sudha’s blessing as well, she will wait until Sudha recovers and returns home. She asks Karan to enjoy Aaliya and Yug’s marriage functions now and plan his own marriage later. Ruhi acts sensible and impresses Karan. He feels lucky to get a life partner like her. He is happy that she is respecting Sudha. Ishita stays worried for Raman’s absence. She calls him to get his whereabouts. Mihika asks her to talk to Raman about Karan and Ruhi’s marriage.

Ishita promises to talk to Raman regarding Ruhi’s marriage. The Bhalla family witness happiness. A new enemy gets after Raman and Ishita’s life. The coming track will bring Raman’s enemy, who wants to ruin his life. It has to be seen who plots Raman’s death in the plane crash sequence. Will Raman survive the crash and stay captive somewhere? Keep reading to know more about the new exciting track of StarPlus Yeh Hain Mohabbatein.



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