Highlights Yeh Un Dinon Shakti More 29th June 2019

Highlights Yeh Un Dinon Shakti More 29th June 2019

Highlights Yeh Un Dinon Shakti 29th June 2019 Sameer and Naina’s love story gets a third angle in the form of Raghav. Raghav has come to the city to find a job and lied to everyone that Naina is his wife. Sameer and Naina are keeping a similar lie for their benefits. Sameer gets jealous seeing Naina helping Raghav. Naina, Sameer and Raghav meet for dinner. Sameer gets angry seeing Raghav befriending Naina. Sameer is concerned for Naina. She wants to explain Naina that she is doing a drama to help Raghav. Sameer and Naina’s relation faces twists because of Raghav. Sameer makes excuses to meet Naina. He trusts Naina, but wants her to stay away from Raghav.


Harman gets drunk and dances in the party for Soumya. Soumya doesn’t show any interest in him. Harman gets angry and ruins the party hall. Vedant had spiked the drink to make Harman fall in trouble. Vedant wants to teach a lesson to Harman. He makes fun of Harman in the party and enjoys. Harak tries to stop Harman and control his angry reactions. Vedant has fallen in love with Soumya. He wants her at any cost. He doesn’t want Harman to snatch his love. Vedant wants Harman to apologize to him.

Pyaar Ke Papad:

Jaya makes an evil plan to make Shivika fall in everyone’s eyes. She pretends to be walking in sleep and then appears ghostly. She tries to present Shivika in a negative avatar. She tries to prove that Shivika is doing black magic on her and ruining her life. Shivika worries for Jaya and calls Omkar. Omkar takes care of Jaya. Jaya plays the dirty drama to separate Omkar and Shivika. Jaya gains sympathy from Omkar. Jaya risks her life to make the family against Shivika, so that they all throw Shivika out of the house. Omkar respects Jaya a lot as his mother, and worries for her. He doesn’t know Jaya’s evil motives. Jaya has joined hands with Alankar.


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