Kahaan Hum New entry Sonakshi faces her EX

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Kahaan Hum New entry Sonakshi faces her EX 29th June 2019 Sonakshi gets hugely upset when she meets her ex-boyfriend. She got cheated by her boyfriend on the day of her engagement. Sonakshi gets into an argument with her ex Karan. Karan threatens her and is angry on seeing her move on. He tells Sonakshi that her current lover seems very caring. He talks of Dr. Rohit. He assumes that Sonakshi is dating Rohit. Sonakshi accepts that she is in love with Dr. Rohit. He tells her that she got hurt and Rohit felt the pain. She tells him that Rohit is very successful and rich, he has attained his success on his own by his hard work. She taunts him that Rohit loves her a lot and didn’t use her as a ladder to success, he is a self-made man and very much responsible.

She insults her ex to give him a solid answer. She tells him that Rohit is very much unlike him. She tells her ex that she is happy to find a wonderful and esteemed man like Rohit. Sonakshi is much hurt because of the humiliations she faced by her ex. She gets insulted by Sumit as well. She is helpless to work with a cheap man like Sumit just for the sake of her work.

She regards her work as worship and is doing the show with her co-star Sumit. She doesn’t want to apologize to Sumit. Karan used to love her only for his selfish motives. She feels Karan was never deserving of her love. She gets much when Pari argues with her for no reason. She doesn’t want to take a favor from Sumit for the sake of Suman and Pari’s dreams. Sonakshi presents her sorrows in front of her staff and sheds tears. Sonakshi wants Pari to win the contest by her hardwork. Suman wants Sonakshi to Sumit’s help for Pari. Sonakshi doesn’t want Suman to expect anything from her. She feels she got misjudged in all her relations.


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