Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna Shocking death twist

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Divorce twist for Pooja Kabir

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna Shocking death twist 1st July 2019 Jhanvi aka Pooja troubles PK and his family. She doesn’t let PK have his rights on the house and vehicles. She stops PK from leaving in the car. She asks them to leave empty handed. Kabir gets angry on Jhanvi. They didn’t feel that Jhanvi will cheat them so badly. The family felt that Jhanvi is the ideal bahu. Kabir takes PK to his friend’s house. Kabir informs Kavya about Jhanvi’s evil. He feels PK has done wrong and they have to bear the consequences of his mistakes. He thanks Kavya for bringing Jhanvi’s truth out. Ishani is much upset with Jhanvi for hurting Kabir.

She loves Kabir and asks Jhanvi why did she send Kabir away. She reminds Jhanvi her promise of uniting Kabir and her. She can’t live without Kabir. She threatens to kill Jhanvi. She behaves mad and makes Jhanvi worried. She leaves the house. Jhanvi feels sorry for Ishani. She wants her sister back. She feels she has lost her sister because of her revenge. PK wants to take revenge on Jhanvi. He is angered thinking the way Jhanvi tried to kill him. He rushes to kill Jhanvi. He goes home and catches Jhanvi at gun point. He compels her to come with him. He takes her to the cliff to kill her.

Kabir gets clued that PK has gone to kill Jhanvi. He doesn’t want PK to commit any other crime. Kabir tries to reach PK and stop him from breaking the limits. PK tells Jhanvi that he trusted her a lot and felt she is an ideal bahu, who would take care of his family always. He feels silly that he didn’t identify her truth. She asks him to shoot her fast since times may change. She threatens to kill him. PK accepts her wish and shoots at her. Kabir reaches PK and stops him from killing Jhanvi.


Kabir and PK fight while she makes a quick leave. Kabir tries to get the gun from his hand. PK falls down the cliff. Jhanvi sees this from far and gets to happy that her revenge got completed. Kabir can’t believe that PK died by his hands. Jhanvi happily dances to celebrate her enemy’s death. Kabir turns revengeful against Jhanvi. Kabir and Pooja’s revenge tale begins. Kabir vows to destruct Pooja.


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