YRKKH Emotional confrontation of KaiRa next

YRKKH Emotional confrontation of KaiRa next

YRKKH Emotional confrontation of KaiRa next 1st July 2019 Naira decorates her stall in the Carnival. She asks her friend to take care of her stall when she goes to meet Kairav’s fake dad. Her friend asks her not to worry for the stall, since everyone knows her well. Naira thinks Kairav is at the school right now and she can sort the issues with the stranger before Kairav comes back. Naira wants to meet the stranger alone, without Kairav. Kartik arrives in the exhibition with Vedika. He helps Vedika and carries all the stuff. He wants to finish Vedika’s work soon so that he can go and meet Kairav’s mum. Naira reminisces the moments spent with Kartik. He wants to clear the misunderstandings with Kairav’s mum. He also misses Naira a lot.

Dadi informs Suwarna that Kartik is with Vedika at her stall. He gets busy in her work. A goon sees Dadi and lies to the security that he is with Goenkas. Kartik and Naira decorate their stalls. They see a couple performing on the stage. They miss each other and smile watching the performance. Kartik goes to help Naira unknowingly. The fortune teller sees Kartik picking the fallen cards. He picks one card. The fortune teller tells him that his future is bright, his hopes are revived, he will get the dear person he lost, who is back in his life again. Kartik gets confused and thinks he wishes to get Naira back.

Kartik and Vedika have a moment and eat a cake. Kartik identifies Naira’s handmade cake and goes to the stall to see her. He sees Naira’s friend there and gets mistaken. He thinks Naira can’t be alive. He feels Naira’s presence and wonders why is this happening. Naira tells her friend that she will meet the stranger. She praises Kartik’s looks in front of her friend. She doesn’t tell much about him. Naira misses Kartik. Dadi asks Kartik not to think of Naira and move on. Kartik tells Dadi that he can’t give Naira’s place to Vedika, who is just his responsibility. He asks Dadi not to have any wrong hopes, he will never marry Vedika, he is living happily just for the sake of his family.


He clears Dadi’s expectations. Vedika overhears them and gets depressed. She realizes that Kartik hasn’t come to Goa for her. Kairav reaches Naira’s stall. She thinks he would ask for his dad again. Kairav asks Naira if she met his dad. Naira tells him that his dad is very busy right now. Naira lies to Kairav and feels guilty. She thinks she can’t make Kairav meet Kartik ever. Kairav goes to play. He collides with Dadi. Kartik looks for Vedika and wants to apologize for hurting her.

Kairav misunderstands Dadi and tells the people that she is stealing him to sell him to some goons. Dadi clears his misconception and asks him why is he shouting. She tells the people that she has come to be a part of the event, she isn’t after the little kid. Kartik finds Vedika. She asks him not to feel guilty, she isn’t obsessed with him, she is just wishing to marry him, but only if he wills as well.

She asks him not to worry for her. She wants to befriend him, as friendship is better than their alliance. Kartik accepts her friendship. Dadi gets angered when Kairav doubts on her. Dadi shouts to Kartik to get help. Kartik rushes to Dadi. Kairav goes from there. Dadi tells him about the little kid, who blamed her. Naira sees Kartik with Vedika and gets much emotional.


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