Star Bharat Top 3 Upcoming Spoilers

Star Bharat Top 3 Upcoming Spoilers

Star Bharat Top 3 Upcoming Spoilers 2nd July 2019 Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Rani troubles Rivaaj and wants to turn him blind as per his drama. Rivaaj finally ends his blindness drama. He tells his family that he has got his eyesight back. He dances happily. His mum and uncle get happy for him. Rivaaj turns evil again. He tells them that he can see everything. She praises his acting. He is sure that none can defeat him.

His mum tells him that she has got the eyedrops from Rani’s room, its the antidote of the drugs Rani has given him. Rivaaj falls in Rani’s new plans. He tells his mum that Rani isn’t so foolish, she will make some new plan and he has to stay alert. He plays a trick to harm Raghav. He knows that Rani will do anything to save Raghav. Rani wants to save Raghav’s life.

Nimki Mukhiya: Abhishek tells Nimki that he needs her signs on the legal documents. Everyone plans a surprise for her. Nimki asks Abhishek does he not remember her birthday. Elena and others decorate the house beautifully. Nimki meets Babbu and asks him why did he return to her. She scolds him. He wants one chance from Nimki, since he wants to keep his marriage. He apologizes to Nimki in front of everyone.

Muskaan: Muskaan wants to take revenge on Sir ji. Ronak breaks the truth that he is Sandhya’s son, he is also born in that brothel, which Sir ji runs. He tells Muskaan that Sir ji has done a big favor on him and gave him a respectable life. He is protecting Sir ji. Muskaan tells Ronak that she doesn’t care for his truth, he will always be the same. She wants her old Ronak to be back. She wishes Ronak returns to her.

Ronak tells her that he wants to help Sir ji, if Sir ji is sent to the jail, the brothel will be ruined too. He swears to protect Sir ji and repay his favors. He asks Muskaan to hurt him first if she wants to reach Sir ji. Muskaan understands Ronak’s shocking behavior. Muskaan and Ronak get against for their own reasons. Sir ji enjoys Muskaan’s plight.


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