Silsila Today Past to haunt Mishti and Ruhaan

Silsila Today Past to haunt Mishti and Ruhaan

Silsila Today Past to haunt Mishti and Ruhaan 4th July 2019 Pari wonders where did Ruhaan and Mishti go. Radhika tells her that Ruhaan has gone for his photoshoot. Pari feels something is hidden from her. Mishti gets worried that Sukamani has spotted Ruhaan and her together at the hotel. She doesn’t want Pari to know this. Mishti wants to secure Pari’s happiness. Pari doesn’t take her friend’s advice seriously when he alerts her about Mishti and Ruhaan’s relationship. Pari recalls Mishti’s words and thinks if Mishti lied to her. Radhika wonders why did Mishti do this, is Mishti lying to Pari, why did Mishti ruin the bouquet. She doesn’t want complications in Mishti and Pari’s lives like their mothers had.

Mishti returns home and recalls her promise to Pari. Ruhaan feels Mishti got scared and left. He wonders why doesn’t Mishti trust him. Mishti meets Pari and tells her that she didn’t feel good at her friend’s place and came back home. Pari enquires about her friend. She questions Mishti. Mishti lies for the sake of Pari’s happiness. Mishti tells Pari that she didn’t wish to go, but she went on Radhika’s insistence. Mishti tells Pari that she has dumped the bouquet just to tease her.

Pari thinks Mishti isn’t lying to her, since she cleared all their doubts. Pari thinks she was wrong to doubt Mishti. She hugs Mishti. Veer calls Mishti at his office for a talk. The police inspector who met Ruhaan and Mishti, is Pari’s friend. He meets Pari and asks if she is getting married soon. Pari tells him about her love for Ruhaan. Ruhaan comes home and gets a shock on meeting the inspector. His lie gets caught by the inspector. Ruhaan has lied that Mishti is his wife.

Mishti worries that the past lie will haunt them now. Inspector doesn’t want to hurt Pari. He thinks to better warn Mishti. Mishti feels Ruhaan has created this trouble by lying. She is happy that inspector Gautam didn’t tell anything to Pari. Gautam tells Pari that he has to leave for his job. He asks Pari if Mishti is married. Pari tells him that Mishti’s engagement broke with Veer, Mishti is single right now. Gautam thinks why did Mishti lie at the police station. He tells Mishti that he didn’t expect her to break Pari’s heart by cheating her. He wants to know the truth from her.

Mishti asks Gautam to trust her, she will always protect Pari’s happiness. He asks her to stop herself from breaking Pari’s trust and not snatch her life if she really cares for Pari. Mishti promises him. Pari meets Ruhaan and wishes that he confesses his love to her. Ruhaan gets mistaken that Gautam told her about Mishti and her. Pari tells Ruhaan that Gautam is a married man, he is her childhood friend, who just visited. She asks Ruhaan about his lover. Ruhaan thinks to tell her about Mishti, while she expects that he loves her.


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