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Read Star Plus 2 Upcomings Tonight 5th July 2019 Kahaan Hai Kahaan Tum Sonakshi is worried knowing Sippy family has come home. Suman tells her that she called Nishi to inform about Rohit. Sonakshi takes the reporters to the garden area, saying that its her favorite place in her home. She tells them that she has self decorated the garden. Sippy family enters the house to meet Rohit. Suman tells Veena that Rohit had high fever, and Sonakshi had to care for him. Veena, Suman and Nishi get into an argument. Sonakshi worriedly wants Sippy family to just leave soon. She doesn’t know what’s happening there. Veena tells them that she is taking her son. She leaves with Rohit. Sonakshi gets a relief on seeing them gone.

She laughs on the tricky situation. Suman tells her that everything is sorted now. Pari tells Sonakshi that Suman has taken money from Sippy family for the event. Sonakshi asks Suman why did she take the money when she refused to her. Suman emotionally blackmails Sonakshi and tells her that money is needed for their expenses. She cries that her husband left her and her children. Sonakshi asks her not to worry, she can work hard and earn for them. She asks her mum not to think of the past. She tells Suman that she is capable to manage her family. She asks Suman not to charge for charitable events next time.

Rohit gets ready to go to the hospital. Sonakshi gives the interview and defends Dr. Rohit. She tells the reporter that the harassment news is fake, the entire Sippy family is loving. She praises Dr. Rohit and impresses him. Sonakshi sends the cheque to them and clears the misunderstanding. Rohit and his family realize that Sonakshi is a nice person and didn’t do anything for money. Sonakshi sends the watch’s serial number to Rohit and asks him to check if the watch belongs to him. Rohit checks the number and calls her to tell her that its his watch. He asks how did she get this. She clears the new misunderstanding, telling him that her co-actor Sumit gifted her the watch. He asks her to return the watch to him.

She tells him that she will return the watch tomorrow, since she is busy at her shoot. He is ready to meet her at the shoot sets to get the watch. She thinks the watch is very close to his heart, that he can’t wait for a day. Sonakshi asks Pulkit to return Rohit’s watch. Suman is greedy and doesn’t want to return the costly watch.

Kunal and Abir’s Nanu visits Maheshwari family to talk about Kunal and Kuhu’s alliance. He asks Vishwamber to take a step towards them for the sake of children’s happiness. Vishwamber requests Chauhans to leave. Abir and Kunal meet Mishti and Kuhu. Kuhu is happy to see Kunal. Mishti is happy to see Abir knowing he loves her. Vishwamber tells Nanu that Meenakshi will never like this alliance.

Mishti explains them that Kuhu loves her family a lot and didn’t tell anyone about her feeling for Kunal. She wants the family to accept Kunal’s alliance for Kuhu. She reminds the family their duties. Abir praises Kuhu for being so strong and self controlling on her feelings for the sake of the family. Maheshwaris ask Kunal if he likes Kuhu.

Kuhu is happy that her dreams are fulfilling. She thinks Mishti and Abir are so nice to support her. She gets emotional. Kunal doesn’t know how will Meenakshi react. He tells them that he likes Kuhu, he wants to rectify his mistake. Vishwamber tells them that until Meenakshi comes to talk to them, he can’t say yes for the alliance. Abir tells them that Meenakshi loves Kunal a lot and she will definitely come to fix the alliance. Abir makes a promise to them. Meenakshi does a drama to get Parul’s attention. Meenakshi asks Parul not to weaken their relation.

She finds Parul upset. Pari tells her that she wants Shweta away from Kunal. Nanu comes home to tell Meenakshi about Vishwamber’s condition. He asks her to talk to Maheshwaris and fix the alliance. Meenakshi refuses to talk to them since she has to keep her esteem. She asks Kunal if he really loves Kuhu. He tells her that he has done this for her sake. He gets confused over his feelings. Abir will be meeting with an accident. Mishti will be finding Abir and help him, while confessing his feelings.


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