TGI Friday 5 Upcoming Telly Hits 5th July 2019

TGI Friday 5 Upcoming Telly Hits 5th July 2019

TGI Friday 5 Upcoming Telly Hits 5th July 2019 Gathbandhan: Dhanak gets upset when Raghu declares that he will become a goon again and walk on the path of evil. Raghu beats someone for a good intention. Dhanak misunderstands Raghu and thinks why is Raghu going on a wrong path. Raghu doesn’t care to clear her misunderstanding. Raghu had beaten the goon to protect Dhanak’s dad. Dhanak realizes that Raghu was just catching the thief and saving her dad. She feels proud of Raghu. She wishes to get Raghu’s love back. She is sure that things will get fine with time. Dhanak worries for her injured dad and takes him for aide.

Pancham and Ilaychi are hiding their marriage truth from everyone. Ilaychi demands a marriage certificate. She makes a prank call to Pancham and tells him that she knows his secret. He worries and then learns that its Ilaychi. She meets him and shows the marriage certificate. She tells him that her wish is fulfilled. He fears that Murari will catch them red-handed if he gets the document. He shows a costly lahenga which didn’t get off shelf since long time. He hides the certificate in that lahenga. He doesn’t want the secret to come out until Murari accepts him for Ilaychi. Pancham sends Ilaychi and gets back to work. They have a little outing from the shop for a while. Murari manages the shop and happens to take the same lahenga for a customer.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:

Rocky and Happy will be coming face to face. Happy doesn’t want his marriage to get ruined. Honey gets admitted in the hospital. Rocky and Harleen stay with Honey. Happy meets Honey and then hides from Rocky. Happy sees Meenu attempting to kill Honey. She gets a huge shock and wonders why did Meenu harm Honey. Happy loves Rocky a lot. She can’t get Rocky back in her life. She is sacrificing her love for his happiness.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara and Kabeer are working in the same office. Zara ends up arguing with him. They have a cute argument while stealing glances of each other. Kabeer doesn’t take her suggestions. Zara’s dad want her to leave the job. Zara justifies her decision. She convinces her dad to let her continue the job. Zara wants to earn for her family. She has self-esteem and doesn’t like to seek anyone’s help. Zara tells her dad that she also has a duty towards the family, even children has a responsibility to become a support to elders. She wants to help her dad. She has to manage Ruksar’s responsibility as well.


Vedant expresses his love for Soumya, while celebrating his birthday. He doesn’t care of Harman is around. Harman clicks their pictures and angers Soumya. Vedant tells Soumya that he can’t imagine his life without her. Harman witnesses their romance. Harman loved her a lot and still loves her. He wants Soumya to choose her life partner. Vedant asks Soumya if she loves him too. Soumya doesn’t accept Vedant’s proposal. She respects his feelings and tells him that she is just her caretaker. She faces Harman’s hatred and finds the situation difficult. Soumya learns Preeto is planting misunderstandings against her. She wants to explain this to Harman that Preeto is getting a benefit by their relationship’s tensions. She wants to communicate to Harman.


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