Star Plus 2 Surprising Upcomings Tonight 8th July 2019

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Star Plus 2 Surprising Upcomings Tonight 8th July 2019 Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke: Meenakshi questions Kunal over his feelings for Kuhu. Kunal tells her that he doesn’t love Kuhu. He states that he is doing everything to save Abir from Mishti. He tells her that they can warn Maheshwaris about keeping Mishti away from Mishti. She tells him that she can’t do this with Abir, she fears that Abir can leave them and get away forever like his dad. Kunal feels sorry to cheat Kuhu. He tells her that Kuhu is a nice girl, he is hurting her heart just for Abir’s sake. Meenakshi tells him that she won’t agree easily for his alliance, else Abir will doubt on her plans. Kunal understands her. Kunal is worried that he is playing with Kuhu’s emotions. He feels Mishti isn’t suitable to become Rajvansh’s Bahu.

Abir and Mishti meet at the temple. Abir asks her if things are fine at her home. Mishti tells him that Maheshwaris are not liking the alliance. Abir tells her that he has got Kunal’s alliance with all the hopes. He teases her about her lover. She knows he loves her and avoids the talk. She sounds upset and makes a leave. Abir tells Parul that he wants to talk to Maheshwaris again, he can do anything for Kunal’s happiness. She gets happy and blesses him. He asks Parul to support him. Abir meets Rajshri and promises her that Kuhu won’t fall lonely in the family, he will always worry for her as a brother and support her against Meenakshi.

He vows to bring Meenakshi to their house to fix the alliance. He asks Rajshri to leave Kuhu’s worries and agree for the alliance. Rajshri feels Meenakshi will never agree to them. Kuhu gets emotional hearing him. Abir asks Mishti to help him. He tries to give her a hint that he loves her. He goes to the NGO for urgent work. Mishti goes home and discusses about Kuhu’s alliance. Vishwamber is worried that Kuhu is making a mistake. Mishti wants to proceed with elders’ blessings. Nanu informs her that Abir didn’t reach home.

She worries knowing the storm news flash. She rushes to find him. Kunal recalls his childhood. He vows to protect his doting brother. Parul tells Meenakshi about Abir’s promise to Rajshri. Meenakshi wants to find Abir. Kunal tells her that he will go and get Abir. Mishti and Kunal try to reach Abir, who met with an accident. Mishti connects with Abir by her heart and takes him to the hospital by much struggles.

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna:

Jhanvi gets in a dilemma seeing Kabir in her office. Anupam asks her not to worry, he will explain Kabir. He insults Kabir and tells him to just mind his work. He asks Kabir to just leave. Kabir scolds him for being so greedy and keeping his slavery towards Jhanvi. Jhanvi too humiliates Kabir and asks him why did he come to her office.

Kabir tells her that everything belonged to PK. He taunts her for getting everything by pity. He talks of her past and angers her. He tells her that she will need his help to run the company, since she has no business sense. He tells her that he can manage the workers. Jhanvi hires him as a worker and trashes his uniform. She stains the uniform and orders him to wear it. The workers join Kabir and defend him. Suman asks Dhruv to move on in live and forget Jhanvi. Kabir tells Suman that he will be getting a good job.

He doesn’t reveal that he is working in his own company, but this time under Jhanvi’s rule. The workers tell Jhanvi that they can’t work because of the bad food served at the canteen. Jhanvi asks them to get food from their homes. They ask her to give them a raise. Jhanvi refuses to fulfill their demands. Kabir becomes a well-wisher for the workers. Jhanvi thinks Kabir can handle the workers, since he bonds with them. Kabir accepts the job to teach a lesson to Jhanvi.


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