Read Tujhse Hai Raabta and Guddan Upcoming

Read Tujhse Hai Raabta and Guddan Upcoming

Read Tujhse Hai Raabta 9th July 2019 Anupriya wants to save Mugdha from the goons. She takes Mugdha’s disguise and place. Malhar and his police force reach the place to nab the goons. Malhar has to save Anupriya. He knows her plan. Malhar gets Anupriya safely from the goons. He rushes her to some safe place. Anupriya hides the truth from the goons and makes Mudgha escape as well. Malhar and Anupriya’s plan to mislead the goons succeed. Kalyani worries for Malhar’s safety.

She performs a tough puja while facing the storm. The ladies rush to save their lives when the stormy winds trouble them during the puja. Kalyani continues her fast and completes her puja. She gets unstoppable because of her love for Malhar. She wants Malhar and Anupriya to succeed in their mission. The ladies praise Kalyani for being a dutiful wife, who loves her husband more than her life.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega: Antara is filling fear in Guddan’s mind. Antara knows how to ruin the evidences against her. She tells Guddan that she has come in Akshat’s life just for money. She laughs on Guddan who has no proof against her. She expresses all her truth to Guddan. She wants to make Guddan fall in Akshat’s sight. She wants Akshat to kick out Guddan from the house. She challenges Guddan and asks her to expose her if she can. Durga happens to see Antara’s true face.

She overhears Antara and Guddan’s conversation. Guddan promises to expose Antara’s truth. Durga records Antara’s statement and threatens to show the video to Akshat. Antara stops Durga from reaching Akshat. She attacks Durga. Guddan worriedly shouts to Akshat for help.

Antara proves Guddan wrong once again. Akshat gets stuck in his wives’ fight. Guddan is scared of Antara. She tells Akshat that Antara murdered Durga and kept Durga’s dead body upstairs. Akshat can’t believe this. Guddan asks the family to come with her and see Durga’s body. Akshat doesn’t find Durga anywhere. Saraswati and Laxmi worry for Durga. Akshat and Guddan get distant by a misunderstanding. Antara tells him that Guddan is making fake stories to make her away. She asks him to beware of Guddan’s planning. Akshat and Guddan love each other. Guddan is sure to end Antara’s games.

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