Sufiyana Twist Saltanat’s birthday Shockers

Sufiyana Twist Saltanat's birthday Shockers

Sufiyana Twist Saltanat’s birthday Shockers 9th July 2019 Zaroon learns about Saltanat’s birthday. She wishes to celebrate her birthday with the family. She dreams to have a little get together with her family, while she celebrates her birthday nicely. Zaroon wants to turn her dream true. Saltanat gets troubled by a nightmare. She dreams of Kainat, who is challenging to snatch her everything. She gets scared and thinks how she was locked inside the chest. She goes to tell the truth to Zaroon, that someone had tried to take her life on his marriage day. Zaroon misses knowing this truth. He goes to plan her birthday. He gets cute cupcakes for her.

She gets scared seeing him in the darkness. She takes a stick and hits him. He stops her from beating him more. He switches on the lights and surprises her with the lovely decorations and set up. He asks her to cut the cupcake and celebrate her birthday. She misses her family. He promises to unite her with her family. Saltanat thanks Zaroon for making her feel special.

Kainat plans to do something big to ruin Saltanat’s special day. Saltanat will be learning about Kainat’s truth soon and then pledge to expose her evil. Rubina, Zainab and Ghazala celebrate Saltanat’s birthday at home. They aren’t with Saltanat. They miss Saltanat a lot and cut a cake on her behalf. Kainat gets angry seeing them loving Saltanat so much. She asks them not to worry since she will make Saltanat’s day even more special by a shocking surprise. Kainat gets determined to snatch Zaroon.

Muskaan passes the physical test by all her hard work. Ronak takes help and makes sure that Muskaan doesn’t face any fraud. Ronak gets informed by Hanumant about Muskaan’s life in threat. Ronak wants to stop Muskaan and save her life. He seeks help from the media. Ronak tries to fail Sir ji’s plans. Sir ji wants Muskaan to die. Ronak saves Muskaan from all the dangers lined up by Sir ji. Muskaan isn’t aware that Ronak is saving her life from Sir ji. Ronak acts as an angel for her. Ronak realizes Sir ji’s evil games. He is helpless and can’t do anything since he is burdened by Sir ji’s favours. Ronak saves Muskaan from the blast.

Muskaan gets little bit hurt and is taken to the hospital. Doctors inform Ronak that she won’t be able to talk or hear for some days, because of the blast. Muskaan knows that Sir ji is behind this, since he wanted her to fail in the physical test. She gets depressed to lose to Sir ji again. Ronak pretends to be on Sir ji’s side. Ronak wants Sir ji and Muskaan’s cold war to end. He is stuck between their fight. He feels he can never take any step against Sir ji. Also, he wants to support Muskaan’s dreams as her husband. He encourages Muskaan to keep trying until she succeeds.

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