Aruna Irani enters Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

Yeh Un Dinon Sony Sameer Naina Season 2 coming?

Aruna Irani enters Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 10th July 2019 Sameer and Naina get a new mentor in the form of Aruna Irani. Rakesh gets too excited to meet his favorite actress. He gets ready and asks Naina if he is looking good. Rakesh praises Aruna’s acting skills. He tells them that he will click a picture with Aruna Irani and come back. He wants to tell Aruna that he is her big fan and likes all her movie performances. Naina asks him to stay back and pray for them. Rakesh asks them to take her along, he will not disturb anyone. Naina asks him to wait for the next meeting, if Aruna approves their story.

Aruna is looking for a new story and fresh thoughts. She criticizes the writers for getting the same old stories always. She asks them to bring something appealing for the audience. Aruna looks for a good script to make a show. Aruna meets Sameer and Naina. She finds freshness in Naina’s story. Rakesh also enjoys the starry feel. Sameer and Naina delay Rakesh and Aruna’s meet. Rakesh blesses Sameer and wishes that he succeeds. He also wishes that Naina’s career as a writer flourishes. Naina speaks to her sister.

She tells her about meeting Aruna. She hopes that Aruna likes her script. She hides her tensions from Preeti. Naina gets motivated by her positive talk. Naina believes in herself. She is becoming a star writer. She expresses her happiness over the good news when Aruna calls them. Naina informs Sameer that their story got approved by Aruna. They prepare for the detailed meeting and hope that the script gets acknowledged. Sameer supports Naina’s dreams selflessly as she supports him always. Sameer too gives his inputs and displays the writer side in him. Will Sameer and Naina succeed in their new endeavor? Keep reading.

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