Read 6 Spoilers Hits Bepannah Pyaar and more

Read 6 Spoilers Hits Bepannah Pyaar and more

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Read 6 Spoilers Hits Bepannah Pyaar and more Pragati and Raghbir have a moment. He turns caring towards her. Pragati loves Raghbir. She wishes he reciprocates her feelings. They work together in Priya’s marriage arrangements. They get into situational romantic moments. Priya goes missing from the marriage. The groom and baraat awaits her. Priya loves Akshay and runs away. The family is worried for the defamation.

Gathbandhan: Maya steals a woman’s purse and gets money. Raghu stops Maya from troubling people. He asks Maya to return the purse to the woman. He takes Maya for shopping. He gifts her bangles. Dhanak follows Raghu and Maya and finds them together. Maai intends to make Dhanak jealous. She asks Dhanak to see how good Raghu and Maya are looking together. Dhanak realizes that Raghu is still a positive person when she finds him apologizing to the woman and returning the purse. She knows Raghu is faking his love for Maya. She is sure that he will never marry Maya. She has sympathy for Maya. Raghu makes fake promises to Maya.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Prerna sacrifices her love. Anurag is very excited for his marriage. He dreams to have a good future with Prerna. He feels lucky to finally get his love. He doesn’t know what shock is awaiting him. Anurag learns a shocking news that Mr. Bajaj is snatching Prerna from him. He recalls Mr. Bajaj’s promise that he will snatch his everything. He feels Mr. Bajaj has turned mad in revenge and doesn’t want him to win. Anurag runs to stop Prerna from making a big mistake. He doesn’t want Prerna to marry Mr. Bajaj.

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki: Badal asks Suman until when this secret meets will go on. He says he can’t even take her name. Suman tells that she knows that she is everything for her Bau ji and will convince him for them. Lakhan and Pujan Pandey take out the gun to kill Sevak girl marrying in Brahmin’s house.

Main Bhi Ardhangini: Madhav is shocked to see Chitra. Chitra tells him that she was always with him and never went from his life. Vaidehi prays to God to help Madhav take the right decision. She asks God to protect Madhav. Chitra appears in front of her and taunts her asking if everything will be fine if she prays and says Madhav has to make a decision and choose one between us. Vaidehi gets tensed.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Raja: Rivaaj asks Premlatha to give the house keys to Mayura for his security. Mayura asks Rivaaj about the baby’s mother. Premlatha says baby’s mother died after giving her birth. Mayura gets shocked and thinks nothing can happen to her sister. She calls someone and asks to find about Rukmani’s death and whereabouts of Dadi and Manjiri. Tashi’s husband flirts with Mayura. The bracelet falls from his hand. Premlatha asks him to stay away from the room and gives money for the bracelet. He takes the money. Mayura wonders what is in the room? Trisha finds her keeping cam in the vase and calling someone. Mayura calls Rivaaj and asks if he is not sleeping and missing her. Trisha signs him to see Mayura talking on the phone. Rivaaj gets doubtful, but Mayura clears his doubt.

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