Colors 2 Twisty Hits Shakti and Gathbandhan

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Colors 2 Twisty Hits Shakti and Gathbandhan 11th July 2019 Vedant keeps a marriage condition in front of Soumya if she wants to save Harman from the police. He decides to compel Soumya and get her love. Soumya gets helpless and tries hard to oppose Vedant. She has much courage that she will manage to free Harman. She fails in her struggles, since Vedant has left no option for her. Soumya agrees to marry Vedant. She gets ready as Vedant’s bride. She cries in Harman’s memory. She reminisces the moments spent with Harman. She tells Harman that she isn’t disloyal, but a helpless person. She just loves Harman and is sacrificing her love. She is getting separated from Harman to get his freedom. She is confused over her decision if she has done right with Harman.

She tells Vedant that she will always love Harman and be his wife from her heart, since their relation is of seven births. Vedant tells her that Harman will be free soon once they get married. Vedant dreams of marrying Soumya. Soumya takes care of Soham. Vedant gifts her a Mangalsutra of his name. Soumya wishes that Vedant understands her pure love for Harman and let her go. Soumya wants to keep her self-respect and her identity. She badly misses Harman.

Gathbandhan: Maya is trying to take Dhanak’s place in Raghu’s life. Maya is imitating Dhanak’s look and behavior to impress Raghu. She knows she can’t become Dhanak, but she dresses like Dhanak. She asks Raghu if she is looking pretty like Dhanak. She wants to become a good bahu for Maai. Dhanak feels hurt seeing them together. Raghu makes Dhanak jealous. He praises Maya. He proves that he is moving on in life and he can be really happy with Maya. Dhanak knows that Raghu can never love Maya.

Maya makes Raghu swear and asks him to treat her with love, since she is going to become his wife now. She gets too happy when Raghu flirts with her. Dhanak wants to stop Raghu’s marriage with Maya. She wants to make Raghu realize their love vows. Dhanak wants to test Raghu’s love, if he really loved her or just claimed to love her. Dhanak gets emotional when Raghu donates the money to the poor people at the temple.

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