Zee5 Hits Ishq SubhanAllah Raabta Manmohini

Zee5 Moh Highlights Shruti's emotional journey

Zee5 Hits Ishq SubhanAllah Raabta Manmohini Tujhse Hai Raabta Anupriya turns into Rajmata and reaches a hospital to adopt a child Moksh. She acts like a rich lady, who wants to adopt a baby. She is finding Moksh by this plan. She learns that someone has tried to sell Moksh there. Anupriya fools the nurses. Malhar meets a patient and gets food. He praises his wife Kalyani. He doesn’t know that Kalyani is the patient. Kalyani hides there to get saved from his sight. Malhar is happy that Kalyani kept the fast for him and saved his life. He feels proud and thinks she will make him more proud by passing with flying colours. Kalyan and Anupriya are trying to get Moksh back.

Ram dances like Basanti when Mohini gets captive. The new woman, Makdi Rani tortures Mohini. She romances Ram to turn Mohini and Siya jealous. Ram is doing everything to save Siya. Ram is back with Siya. Siya stops Makdi Rani from killing Ram. Makdi Rani falls for Ram and dances with her. Ram and Siya try to escape. Makdi Rani wants revenge on Mohini. She wants to hurt Ram to break Mohini’s heart. Siya doesn’t know how to handle the new terror of Makdi Rani. Siya tries to free Mohini so that they get rid of Makdi Rani. She knows just Mohini can face Makdi Rani’s powers and save their lives.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer and Zara will be seen romancing in the dream sequences, while they are still living apart because of Kabeer’s oath. Zara thinks about the problems in her life. She wishes that Kabeer was with her, which would have made her life’s struggles easy. She feels Kabeer will never get back in her life now. She can win any fight when he is with her. Zara is happy that fate is bringing her to Kabeer again and again. Kabeer and Zara drink the spiked tea and have light moments. Kabeer takes her dupatta and wraps around to get saved from the rain. They jump into the muddy ground and enjoy the rains. Rizwan faints them down in an attempt to kill them. Rizwan is running child labor and other illegal practices. He doesn’t want Kabeer and Zara to come in his way of business.

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