Kulfi Kumar Bajewala becomes target of Amyra’s ploy

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala becomes target of Amyra's ploy

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala becomes target of Amyra’s ploy Mohendar promises Kulfi that he will love her as his own daughter from now on, she doesn’t need a cowardly father like Sikandar. He tells Kulfi that Sikandar has himself refused to give his name to her. He tells her that he will make her a big singer just like Sikandar. He tells that he has made Sikandar’s career by his hardwork and he will raise her the same way. Mohendar asks Kulfi to get away from Sikandar away. He swears to leave music if he fails to make her a big singer. Kulfi gets stunned and goes with Mohendar. Amyra overhears their conversation and gets overjoyed. She tells Lovely that she will be Sikandar’s only daughter now, since Mohendar has accepted Kulfi forever. Lovely gets upset that Kulfi’s rights are snatched by Amyra.

Sikandar yells at Amyra and explains that he is her father, how could she blackmail him that she will leave him forever. He scolds her for always compelling him to make Kulfi away. Amyra doesn’t care for his words. She is happy that she is his only daughter from now onwards. Sikandar goes to meet Kulfi at night. He apologizes to her and asks her to obey Mohendar, who is like a father for him. He tells her that Mohendar raised him and has a right to scold him like a son. He tells Kulfi that she has to be with Mohendar until his anger cools down.

Sikandar promises to fix everything. He tells her that the truth is Kulfi is his daughter. He sings a lullaby for her. Mohendar and Gunjan decide to raise Kulfi. They both love Kulfi a lot. They want to do everything for Kulfi. Gunjan is happy with his decision. Mohendar calls the media to plan a separate launch for Kulfi. He doesn’t want to launch her with Amyra. He tells the media that Kulfi will have a solo launch, Sikandar is a big singer and this will affect Kulfi’s career, its better that Kulfi makes her career on her own without the shadow of Sikandar’s mentorship. Kulfi and Sikandar worry seeing Mohendar’s anger.

Mohendar doesn’t want anything to affect Kulfi. He knows that Sikandar will never keep his hopes. Lovely asks Sikandar why didn’t he plan a solo launch for Amyra. She argues with him. She feels Kulfi’s career will take a big flight by Mohendar’s ideas. Sikandar doesn’t let her get partial again. She tells him that she will choose her daughter Amyra if he wants to choose Kulfi. He doesn’t want her family to break. She asks him why did he give Mohendar’s name to Kulfi. She remarks that he has himself broken the family. He apologizes for hurting her feelings in anger. He tells Lovely that he loves Amyra and Kulfi equally.

He feels Amyra is taking advantage of his love and ruling her way. Mohendar and Gunjan get emotional to accept Kulfi. Gunjan feels she was childless until now since Kulfi was in her fate. Mohendar asks Kulfi to stay happy with them, they will give her much love. Kulfi stays confused. Sikandar tries to meet her. Mohendar blocks his way and asks him to do a father’s duty than just claiming to be her father Sikandar tells Mohendar that Kulfi is his daughter and this relation can never end. Mohendar asks Kulfi to trust him, Sikandar can never give her happiness. Mohendar compels Sikandar to act like Kulfi’s father if he wants her back.

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    • Yes agree with you.
      If Sikander has guts than he should now tell whole world that he has one daughter Kulfi not Amyra since Amyra is his step daughter.

      Sikander will have to take this step to get back Kulfi in his life.


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