Zee5 Friday Upcoming Spoilers and hits

Zee5 Friday Upcoming Spoilers and hits

Zee5 Friday Upcoming Spoilers and hits 12th July 2019 Raja Beta Vedant is showering surprises on Purva and keeping her happy. He asks her to get ready and come downstairs. Purva is happy. Later, she sees Manjula’s changed behavior towards Vedant and questions her why she is differentiating between Vedant and Sanju. Manjula says there is a difference between own children and adopted one. She says own child is life and adopted child is responsibility. She says I can give my life for Vedant, but for Sanju, I can take other’s life. Pankhudi asks Ramesh, Sanju and Rahul to target hospital first and snatch it from Vedant. Purva and Vedant think that Pankhudi is moved on, but she is on a revenge mission to snatch everything from him, hospital, house and honor. She assures Rahul that he will get Purva.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani reaches Moksh’s daycare and calls Malhar. She informs about illegal child trafficking going on from there. Malhar reaches there with child welfare team. Child welfare officer thanks Malhar for catching the culprit and says they were trying since a lot of time to nap them. Malhar slaps the daycare Manager. The manager says he is not alone, but someone is the head. Malhar asks who? He points finger at Kalyani. Kalyani turns and looks behind her. The Manager tries to fool them.

Kumkum Bhagya: Prachi gets upset to become Ranbir’s assistant. Ranbir thinks to woo her to impress Rhea. Rhea calls Police inspector after Nishant executes their plan. She tells that guests come to the big parties and give drugs to rich kids and spoil them. She asks him to come there and arrest the guilty. Inspector comes to the party and checks for drugs which were kept in Prachi’s bag. Prachi lands in big trouble. Abhi shows his belief in Prachi and talks to the Inspector. Sarita asks Pragya to dress up in something good as Mr. Mehra is coming there. Pragya asks why? She says what he will think of marriage if he sees you decked up. Pragya rubbishes her dreams to fix their alliance.

Kundali Bhagya: Janki and Shrishti make a plan to stop Preeta’s marriage. Sherlyn keeps a knife on Preeta’s neck and confesses that she is pregnant with her lover’s child whom she loves a lot and he is none other than Prithvi. Preeta is shocked. This might be Sherlyn’s imagination being afraid that Mahesh will reveal truth to his family.

Main Bhi Ardhangini: Chitra comes in Madhav’s way as he is going to temple and tries to stop him. Madhav says you can’t be my Chitra. He thinks the truth is that he shall forget the past and move on.He thinks he has to save Vaidehi from Chitra’s wrath. Pandit ji asks him to get the Trishul out of the land from behind the tree to get Mukti for his ex-wife. Madhav tries to get the Trishul out. Chitra shouts Madhav’s name. Madhav manages to take the trishul out.

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki: Some goons kidnap Suman and take her somewhere. The goon calls Pujan Pandey and informs him that they have kidnapped his daughter. Pujan Pandey gets shocked and asks the goon to free his daughter. Suman to know about Pujan Pandey being the mastermind of the shootout at Shukla’s house during his son’s marriage. She is shocked to know her father’s discriminating people by their caste and killing them in the name of religion. She gets the CD which has Pujan Pandey and Lakhan shooting the bride, groom and others.


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