Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Vikram enters with revenge ire

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Vikram enters with revenge ire

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Vikram enters with revenge ire Sikandar wants to meet his daughter Kulfi. He asks Sikandar to know his duties as a father than just claiming to be one. He calls Sikandar a coward to just build pressure on little Kulfi and act helpless all the time. He asks Sikandar not to come between Kulfi’s way to success. He wants to make Kulfi’s career in music. He asks Sikandar not to make Kulfi away from music. He wants to let Kulfi work hard. He tells Kulfi that he has sworn to make her a big superstar. He asks Kulfi to have faith in him. Sikandar tries hard to stop Mohendar and Kulfi. Mohendar doesn’t listen to him. Mohendar and Gunjan ask Kulfi if she doesn’t trust them.

They ask Kulfi to accept them as parents once. Kulfi feels compelled. She asks Mohendar to forgive him, she isn’t able to call them parents. Gunjan is sure that Kulfi will trust their love. Mohendar asks Kulfi to stay with them, they will shape her life, which Sikandar can never do. Gunjan takes Kulfi away from Sikandar. Sikandar tells Mohendar that their relation can never change. He also tells that Kulfi’s relation with him won’t change. Sikandar begs Mohendar to let him meet Kulfi. Mohendar wants to teach singing to Kulfi by hiring a new teacher for her. He calls Vikram Ahuja home. He tells Sikandar that Vikram will be mentoring Kulfi.

Sikandar gets surprised seeing him. Kulfi learns that Sikandar won’t be her Guru now. She tells Vikram that Sikandar is her father and Guru. Vikram asks is Sikandar really her father. Mohendar tells Vikram that Kulfi is his daughter. He asks Kulfi to take Vikram’s blessings and learn music from him. Sikandar shatters with this sight. Vikram gets happy seeing Sikandar in tears. Kulfi takes Vikram’s blessings. She regards Sikandar her first music teacher. Vikram asks Kulfi how serious she is about singing. Kulfi tells him that she can sing any time on anything. He asks her to sing for making a career, not to please others.

He asks her to grab the opportunities to make her career. He wants to change her look as well. She gets upset after talking to her. Sikandar is sad that he isn’t able to meet his daughter. Mohendar and Gunjan shower love on Kulfi. Sikandar stays with Amyra. He goes to meet Kulfi once. They get emotional on their meet. Vikram asks Sikandar to prove that he is Kulfi’s father if he wants to train Kulfi. Sikandar tells Mohendar about Vikram’s revengeful motives. Mohendar disagrees with Sikandar and calls him a jealous father. Sikandar gets stunned by Mohendar’s ugly remarks.

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