Shakti Harman’s remarriage twist for Soumya

Shakti Harman's remarriage twist for Soumya

Shakti Harman’s remarriage twist for Soumya 15th July 2019 Harman asks Preeto to call a Pandit. Preeto asks why? He says he wants to get Soumya’s Shraadh. Preeto calls Pandit. Harman makes teddy wear Soumya’s saree and burns it to get her Shraadh. Soumya is in the temple and leaving when her Pallu catches fire. Soumya is hurt knowing Harman is going to marry someone and move on in his life. She doesn’t want to meet Harman and witness his marriage. Soumya has got married to Vedant to get Harman his freedom. Harman believes that she is disloyal to his love. Vedant finds Soumya missing Harman. He wants Soumya to attend Harman’s marriage so that she can see it herself how Harman is moving on.

He asks her to attend Harman’s pre-marriage functions. He wants Soumya to move on as well. Preeto wants to keep Soumya away from Harman’s life. She is trying to make Soumya forever far. She stops Saaya from reaching Soumya. She doesn’t want Saaya to tell Soumya that Harman loves her and is marrying someone else unwillingly. Soumya knows that Harman will always love her, even if he marries someone else. Preeto doesn’t want Saaya to bring any hurdle between Harman’s remarriage.

Soumya agrees with Vedant and thinks to reach Harman’s house to attend his marriage. Vedant wants Soumya to get heartbroken and then come to him. Soumya dreams of Harman and her. She wants to hide from Vedant and meet Harman. Soumya doesn’t want to cheat Vedant though. She gets in dilemma over her dreams and thoughts. Soumya wants to confess her love to Harman. Saaya struggles to get free of Peeto’s clutches. She wants to unite Harman and Saaya once again.

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  1. How It Can Be Remarriage ?
    Frankly To Say This Is Called Real Marriage and Harman Getting HisTeal Gulabo
    BECAUSE If He Really Luvs SOWMYA Why HeDidnt Identify Her After Memory’s Loss Even Sowmya Also
    Even he Rejected Sowmya Identity And leaves her
    In the Mandap after he loss his memory
    HOW is it Real Luv ?

  2. NYC I Like It
    SOWMYa s Astitiva Ended Up By TURNING Kinner Tarana Completely without any Sign of Sowmya Identity
    She Snatched Harman’s Life and His Familys Happiness And His Happiness And Respect Ruined Making Her Astitiva


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