Sufiyana Zainab breaks out a major revelation

Star Bharat Sufiyana Pyaar Mera and Muskaan Highlights

Sufiyana Zainab breaks out a major revelation Kainat turns dangerous for herself and her family. She gets hurting herself when she feels her defeat is close. She also plans to hurt Sabina and drowns her in the water tank. Sabina fails to bring any good news in Kainat’s favor and faces her wrath. Kainat feels Sabina is useless for her and its better to rule her out. She wants Sabina to get blamed for Saltanat’s murder attempt. Saltanat has learnt Kainat’s evil truth that Kainat tried to kill her. Kainat has plotted a lot of times against Saltanat. Kainat feels Saltanat gets the best things in life. She is revengeful against Saltanat. Saltanat asks Zainab why didn’t she tell this to the family. Zainab is helpless because of Kainat.

Saltanat argues with Zainab. She is hurt that Zainab has covered up Kainat’s crime so easily. Kainat emotionally blackmails Zainab. Kainat pretends to commit suicide. Saltanat and Zainab realize that its her drama and reprimand her. Zainab breaks the big news that Saltanat and Kainat are real sisters, they both are her daughters. She tells them that she has given away Saltanat to Rubina for a reason, so that she gets father’s love by Nadim. Kainat feels Zainab has chosen Saltanat even in that decision and feels inferior. Kainat asks Saltanat not to tell anyone about Kainat’s truth. She makes Kainat apologize to Saltanat.

Kainat then really drinks poison and reveals to the family that she has really drunk the poison. The family help her flush out the poison from her system. She gains sympathy from Zaroon and Miyajaan. She believes that Saltanat is responsible for her failing life. She tells Zaroon that he left her for the sake of Saltanat, who has always snatched her everything since childhood. She asks Saltanat why did she confess love to Zaroon on the day of her Nikaah. She frames Saltanat and tells the family that Zaroon would have married her if Saltanat didn’t come in her way. Kainat sheds tears to get pity. She wants to clean her image in front of the family. The family worries for Kainat and consoles her. Kainat hopes that Saltanat forgives her and doesn’t reveal her truth to the family. Saltanat wants to reform Kainat.

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