Yeh Rishta Deadly twist to strike Kairav

Yeh Rishta Deadly twist to strike Kairav

Yeh Rishta Deadly twist to strike Kairav 15th July 2019 Naira plans to leave for Udaipur. She feels very tensed. She thanks her friend for guiding her the right path. She tells her that she is going to meet her friend, but she is scared of their reactions on seeing her alive. She doesn’t want Kairav to bear anything wrong. Goenkas are worried for Dadi. Kartik convinces Dadi for the surgery. Naksh tells Kartik that Dadi is in this state just because of her prolonged worry for Kartik’s future. He tells Kartik that he has to accept that Naira has left them forever and will never come back, there is no such meaning if he also stops his life journey.

He asks Kartik to move on at least for those who love and care for him so much. He knows Kartik is Dadi’s weakness. He asks Kartik to get remarried. He also thinks Vedika will be a good life partner for Kartik. He tells Kartik that the entire problem is in a mess right now and its his duty to bring them out of the situation. He tells Kartik that this would be right decision if he marries Vedika. He asks Kartik to take this little step to move on in life. Kartik imagines Naira, who asks him to marry Vedika for Dadi’s sake. Kartik decides to marry Vedika. He goes to Vedika and proposes her to marriage so that everything gets fine between them.

Vedika tells Kartik that she doesn’t think he is saying this willingly. She isn’t happy that he is deciding their marriage by force. She refuses to marry him. She tells him that she would be happy if he was happy about the marriage. He tells her that he already lost many people in his life, and doesn’t want to lose Dadi. He asks her to maintain their friendship and accept his request. He leaves the decision to her. Vedika accepts his marriage proposal after his emotional speech. Doctors give a shocking news to the family that Dadi isn’t responding to the treatment.

Doctor informs Manish that Dadi is sinking and she may lose her life if she doesn’t respond to the treatment. Kartik gets panicking on knowing this. Kartik goes to talk to Dadi and revive her will power. He asks Dadi not to do this with him, she can never leave him. He agrees to marry Vedika. He asks her to manage his marriage arrangements. Vedika and Kartik promise Dadi that they will marry and stay together.

Dadi is very happy knowing their decision. She asks them to always be each other’s strength. She gets responding to the treatment, much to everyone’s surprise. Akhilesh ponders over Naira’s big lie. He wants to know why is Naira living far secretly. Naira gets a shock when Kairav falls ill. Manish and Suwarna get a bad prediction from their family pandit, and get worried for their family. A deadly twist awaits to strike Kairav. Will Naira be able to meet Kartik and reveal about Kairav? Keep reading.

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