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Zee5 Moh Highlights Shruti's emotional journey

Zee5 Top Spoilers Tonight Upcoming Twists Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani decides to go against Malhar and feigns stomach ache. Lady constable takes her out and says she will take her to the washroom. Kalyani hits on her head and locks her in the lock-up. She comes to meet Atharv and shows his passport. She says Moksh shall reach me in one hour and then only I will give your passport. Atharv agrees.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi looks at Nishant, a drug dealer and thinks he doesn’t seem to be children’s friend. Shaina and Dimpy have kept drugs in Shahana’s bag seeing Pragya and Prachi’s pic in her bag. Police team finds drugs in the bag before Shahana could tell it is hers. Prachi says it’s mine, but don’t know how the drugs came in my bag. She says she is innocent. Abhi comes in front of her and protects her. He tells Inspector that he can’t arrest Prachi. Inspector tries to make him understand that he has to arrest Prachi as drugs are found in her bag.

He says this girl look humble, but these days such a person can only do this work. Rhea smiles. Abhi asks him not to say anything against her. Inspector says if you interfere in our matter then I can arrest you too. Prachi nods no and looks at him with hopeful eyes. Abhi looks at her and tells the Inspector that he is ready to get arrested, but he won’t let the inspector arrest Prachi. He exposes Nishant and saves Prachi.

Jaat Na Poocho: Shukla gets Suman kidnapped. Suman is unconscious in his captivity. Goon calls Pujan Pandey and tells him that his daughter is kidnapped. Shukla takes the call and says Raja’s life is in parrot and says your life is with me, you have snatched my everything from me, now I will destroy your everything. Suman gains conscious and confronts Shukla why he took his father’s name and filed FIR against him. Shukla tells her that Pujan Pandey along with his brother Lakhan is the mastermind of the shoot out and killed his son and daughter in law after their marriage and also killed many people in the function. Suman is shocked and doesn’t believe him.

Main Bhi Ardhangini: Nilambari provokes Chitra to kill Vaidehi and tells that if she succeeds then she can get Madhav. She asks her to kill her before Madhav gives her mukti. Madhav does rigorous Tapasya in the temple for Chitra’s mukti. Vaidehi waits for Madhav to come. Chitra attacks Vaidehi.

Raja Beta: Purva gets touched knowing Vedant will give all his love, adulation and concern to the baby which he never got from Ramesh. Later, she is serving the food to everyone at the dining table. Ramesh asks Purva about her delivery date. Purva says 5 months are remaining. Ramesh says 5 months. Gomti asks how? She says marriage happened 3 months before. She asks then how come it is 5 months remaining and questions Vedant. Vedant makes an excuse about the complications in her pregnancy and she might deliver in the 7th month or so. Vedant keeps up Purva’s esteem.

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