Silsila Huge Wedding twists for Mishti

Silsila Huge Wedding twists for Mishti

Silsila Huge Wedding twists for Mishti 15th July 2019 Pari proposes to Ruhaan and gets a shocking reply from him. Ruhaan rejects her love and tells her that he is in love with someone else. Pari loses her love and feels she may never love anyone because of the heartbreak pain. She shatters and respects Ruhaan’s decision. She gets away to shed tears. She hides her tears from everyone. She shares her pain with Nandini and feels she has got rejected in love. She feels she will never be able to commit in any relationship now. Mishti feels sorry seeing Pari’s tears. She hears Pari’s feelings for Ruhaan, Ruhaan understands that Mishti was sacrificing her love for Pari’s sake. He tells her that he understands the reason for her indifference. He asks Mishti how can she marry Veer and end their relation.

He doesn’t want Mishti to leave him. Mishti wants him to marry Pari and love her. He asks her not to force him to end this relationship. Mishti calls it over from her side. Pari confronts Mishti over her love with Ruhaan. Pari asks Mishti why is she marrying Veer suddenly. Pari wants to know if Mishti is the one whom Ruhaan loves. She knows Mishti and Ruhaan were in love. She scolds Mishti for lying to them. She asks Mishti to confess that she loved Ruhaan and then sacrificed her love. Mishti denies that she loves Ruhaan. She asks Pari to trust her. Pari comes in Mishti’s words. She tells Mishti that she was wrong to think about Ruhaan and Mishti.

Radhika gets happy when Mishti gives her hopes and asks her to talk to Ruhaan about Pari. Radhika takes Pari’s alliance for Ruhaan. Ruhaan wants to clear the misunderstanding between them. He asks Radhika not to rush about the marriage. Mishti tells him that she is going to marry Veer soon. Ruhaan angrily accepts Pari’s alliance. Radhika gets too happy, but Ruhaan keeps a shocking condition that Mishti will also get married to Veer in the same mandap. He asks Radhika not to delay Mishti and Veer’s marriage if there is so much love in the air. Radhika agrees to Ruhaan’s wish. She asks Mishti to call Veer and fix the marriage date.

Mishti doesn’t want to rush for the marriage. Ruhaan makes sure that Mishti falls in the trap laid by herself. He asks Mishti to call Veer home and talk about the marriage plans. Pari and Arnav get busy in the business projects. Mishti congratulates Pari that Radhika has fixed her marriage with Ruhaan. Pari gets a huge surprise and doesn’t know how did this happen. Mishti tells Pari that Ruhaan has accepted the alliance. This brings happiness in Pari’s life. Mishti tells Pari that Ruhaan accepted the alliance so soon. Arnav congratulates Pari. He feels bad to lose Pari. Mishti asks Pari to meet Ruhaan and not question him further about his decision. She asks her to be positive that everything is happening because of their love.

Mishti gets dizzy because of the stress. Arnav worriedly goes to drop her home. Pari gets too joyed that she is finally going to marry Ruhaan. She thanks Ruhaan for accepting her proposal. She feels her love is really true. Radhika meets Veer’s parents as well to fix the marriage date. She tells them that the date is too close and they may rush with the arrangements. Mishti tries to postpone Veer and her marriage. She wants to hurry with Pari and Ruhaan’s marriage first. Ruhaan refuses to this and reminds his condition that both the marriages will happen at the same time.

He compels Mishti and Veer to agree for the marriage if they both are pretending high of their love. He asks them to prove their love claims. Ruhaan and Mishti’s love will be getting known in the marriage mandap, when Ruhaan breaks his marriage with Pari for Mishti’s sake.

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