Star Plus and Colors Top 5 Combo Upcomings

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Star Plus and Colors Top 5 Combo Upcomings 16th July 2019 Gathbandhan Dhanak gets kidnapped, while she was happy that Raghu won’t be marrying Maya. Dhanak falls in trouble. She is kidnapped instead Maya. It was Maai’s plan to get Maya kidnapped so that Raghu saves Maya and they come closer. The kidnappers get confused about Dhanak’s identity. Maya quarrels with a man on the road and commands him to buy a new dupatta for her. Raghu learns that Dhanak got kidnapped. He beats the goons to save Dhanak. He loves Dhanak a lot. He finds Dhanak unconscious. Dhanak had faced the goons in a fearless way. Raghu tries hard to revive her breath and gets her to consciousness.

They have a moment of a union. He is upset with her, and keeps his same stand again. She tries to talk to him and clear his misunderstandings. He wants to stay distant from her so that he doesn’t get cheated in love again. He doesn’t want to lessen his annoyance. Dhanak finds Raghu electrocuted. She worriedly rushes to save his life. She gets a wooden stick to hit Raghu and free him from the electric shock. Dhanak cares for Raghu.


Aditya and Aaliya are trying hard to expose Sabrina’s truth to the family. Sabrina is much clever and knows to save herself from suspicion. She tries to mislead Aditya. She plans Katrina in their lives to fool Aditya. She doubts that Aaliya is trying to expose her, and wants at least Aditya in her favor. Aditya’s plan fails because of Sabrina. He gets confused.

Star Plus and Colors Top 5 Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:

Happy goes to save Honey’s life, even when she was kidnapped by Kabir. She doesn’t understand how to reach Honey. She tells Rocky that Kabir and Meenu have fit some bomb chip in Honey’s body. She tels him that they have to save Honey soon. She risks her life to save Honey. She fights Meenu and snatches the remote. She asks Honey to rush to his family. Honey and Rocky save Honey from Kumar and his evil gang. Kumar’s plan to kill the minister fails. Harleen and Madhu are shocked to know that Happy is alive and back in Rocky’s life.

Harleen is shattered that Rocky won’t be loving her ever. She has anger in mind and wants to ruin Happy’s life. Rocky blames Harleen for being a bad mother. He scolds her for not taking care of Honey well. He asks Harleen to leave from his house, he will look after Honey himself. Harleen feels sorry for her life. Madhu stops Rocky from breaking his marriage.

Bepannah Pyaar:

Pragati is sad that Raghbir doesn’t love her. They have a situational romance moment when she watches the rain and happens to strike an eyelock with Raghbir. Pragati is finding the keys, which is a clue about Bani’s death mystery. Raghbir doesn’t know what is Pragati upto. Pragati is trying to solve Bani’s mystery. Raghbir returns the keys to Pragati when he finds her upset. Pragati wants the evidences to prove Raghbir’s innocence. She loses the keys and wants to know more about Raghbir’s intentions. She gets worried when she doubts on Raghbir. She likes him and doesn’t want to doubt him further. She feels lonely. She can’t share her tensions and thoughts with anyone.

Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna:

Kabir wins over Jhanvi by giving a good presentation to get the project. He sees Jhanvi at risk when the rival company men target her. He doesn’t want Prem’s company to suffer. Kabir makes a quick presentation to impress the clients. He succeeds and leaves Pooja surprised.

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