Kulfi Kumar Tricked Mohendar makes a wrong move

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala lands in grave danger again

Kulfi Kumar Tricked Mohendar makes a wrong move 15th July 2019 Sikandar opposes Vikram and doesn’t want him to train Kulfi. He tells Vikram that he will not send Kulfi to the marriage event for performance. He tells that Kulfi’s talent won’t go waste. He feels Kulfi is a good singer, and he will not let her face any insult by singing at a place where singers aren’t paid their due respect. He tells Vikram that the people at marriage functions just joke around and laugh at the performers. Vikram calls him dual faced. He asks Sikandar how can he send with Amyra in the parties and stop Kulfi from performing in functions. He asks Sikandar if he is jealous of Kulfi’s career.

Sikandar denies to sing at anyone’s personal parties with Amyra. Amyra tells Sikandar that they are going to perform in a marriage function too. She asks him to talk to her manager, that’s her mum Lovely. She tells him that Lovely has taken the decision for her. Sikandar asks Lovely how can she decide such a rash thing for her daughter. He asks Lovely not to take any wrong step. Vikram traps Mohendar in his sweet words. He tells him that he will bring the attitude in Kulfi since she is already blessed with talent. Kulfi tells Mohendar that she can’t sing by mind, she just follows her mind. Vikram gets happy to fool Mohendar.

He thinks its easy to break Sikandar’s family. He wants revenge on Sikandar’s family. He makes a plan and doesn’t want anyone to know it. Lovely asks Sikandar to let Amyra perform in the functions so that she gets more work. Sikandar tells her that he has planned their launch just for bringing his daughters together, not to earn money through them. Lovely asks him to see Mohendar’s decisions for Kulfi’s career. She wants to take decisions for Amyra’s career and asks Sikandar to think the same. She tells him that she can do anything for Amyra’s happiness. Sikandar asks Mohendar not to force Kulfi to sing.

Mohendar counts his favors on Sikandar and shocks him. Sikandar asks Mohendar how did he have so much filth in heart against him. He gets worried hearing Mohendar’s bitter words. Mohendar and Gunjan make Kulfi ready for the performance. Mohendar makes Sikandar helpless and makes him bless Kulfi for the performance. Sikandar blesses Kulfi and asks her to go. He gets too upset. Lovely asks Sikandar to help Amyra in her practice. Amyra tells him that he meets Kulfi secretly and she knows everything.

She asks him to do his duties towards her as well. She involves him in the music practice. Vikram blocks Mohendar from going to the stage. Mohendar gets tricked by Vikram and lets Kulfi go alone. He doesn’t know that Vikram is targeting Kulfi to snatch her talents and ruin her career for once and all, so that his enmity with Sikandar fulfills. Mohendar wants to do the best for Kulfi, but he chooses a wrong person for his aim. He doesn’t believe Sikandar, after witnesses his cowardliness. Vikram executes his plan. He asks Kulfi to get a good attitude while she meets the industry’s big personalities. Kulfi doesn’t sing well and angers Vikram. Kulfi faces Vikram’s wrath and breaks down.

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