Sufiyana Pyaar and Muskaan Upcoming twists

Sufiyana Pyaar and Muskaan Upcoming twists

Sufiyana Pyaar and Muskaan Upcoming twists Zaroon and Saltanat are soon going to get married. They enjoy their pre-marriage romance. They don’t have to meet until they get married. They still meet in a way that they don’t face each other. They secretly romance despite the fact that they are living together. Saltanat doesn’t turn to his side and tells him that its a torture for her as well that she can’t see his face. He gets a call for an interview. She wishes him all the best and hopes that he comes home with a good news. Saltanat and Zaroon are very happy that the marriage day has finally arrived. They spend some good moments. They still have troubles on their heads because of Kainat.

Zaroon prevents Kainat from reaching his marriage venue. He doesn’t want Kainat to plot anything against Saltanat. Kainat wants to kill Saltanat before Zaroon weds her. She plants the explosives in the kitchen. She has much hatred for Saltanat, even when she has learnt that Saltanat is her own sister. Kainat wants Saltanat to go to the kitchen for cooking food, so that she dies by the blast. Saltanat isn’t aware of Kainat’s madness. She thinks of preparing Zaroon’s favorite dish to surprise him. She arranges all the ingredients and looks for the matchstick to light the stove. Fortunately, the stove doesn’t lit. Saltanat gets Zaroon’s call and turns safe.


Muskaan helps Neha and learns that Neha doesn’t want to marry Bunty since she is in love with someone else. Neha asks Muskaan to let her run away if she also values true love. She tells Muskaan that her parents are forcing her to marry Bunty. Muskaan allows Neha to follow her heart. Nehe leaves from the engagement. Bua blames Muskaan for making Neha elope with her lover. Muskaan tells the fact that Neha was threatening of suicide and didn’t wish to get engaged to Bunty. She asks Bua how could she stop Neha when the latter took the big decision. Bua blames Muskaan for always ruining their happiness. Ronak asks Muskaan not to play with the family members’ emotions. Ronak apologizes to Bua and Bunty.

The family dines together, while Muskaan is ousted from the house. Sir ji is happy that his plan worked. He thanks Neha and her parents for playing this drama. His aim was to make Ronak and Muskaan apart. Ronak and Muskaan’s relation suffers. Ronak feels sorry that he isn’t able to support Muskaan completely. He wants to tell her a truth of his life. Gayatri misses Ronak. She sees his childhood pictures and wants her son back. She invites Ronak and Muskaan home. She wants Ronak to support his life. Ronak and Muskaan have a moment and apologize to each other. Muskaan goes for her duty. She accompanies Sir ji to the brothel, where he insults Muskaan reminding her old days.

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