TellyReviews Just Telly Spoilers Top 5 for the day

TellyReviews Just Telly Spoilers Top 5 for the day

TellyReviews Just Telly Spoilers for the day Silsila Mishti and Pari get ready in the bridal attires. Radhika gets emotional seeing them. She takes them to take blessings of their parents. She is happy that there isn’t any complication in their lives. She takes the girls to the mandap for their marriage with their chosen guys. Radhika tells that Veer and Ruhaan are lucky guys to get pretty girls like them. Mishti misses Ruhaan and gets stressed thinking of cheating him. She faints down during the marriage rituals. Ruhaan leaves his mandap and runs to save Mishti. Ruhaan and Veer take Mishti to the hospital. Mishti gets hospitalized. Veer breaks down and admits the truth. He tells Ruhaan that Mishti loves Ruhaan and it was her plan to make Ruhaan marry Pari. He reveals Mishti’s big sacrifice for Pari.

Main Bhi Ardhangini: Chitra still tries to kill Vaidehi and suffocate her. Vaidehi says you want to kill me. She asks her to kill her, but if she thinks Madhav will become hers then it is her misunderstanding. Chitra asks what do you think that you are Madhav’s happiness. She says it is your illusion and I will break it today. I will make your condition worse than death. She makes Vaidehi badly injured. Madhav searches for the trishul.

Raja Beta: Purva sees a boy making teasing her while making faces and laughs. Just then she spots Rahul on the road talking on the phone and gets shocked. She rushes to the hospital to meet Vedant and tells that he will take the baby away from them and says she knows this. Vedant asks who will take away the baby. Purva says Rahul is back. Vedant gets shocked. Purva tells him about seeing Rahul on the road. She tells him that she will not let him ruined their happiness and will not give their baby to Rahul. Vedant assures her that he won’t let Rahul take the baby and says a mother has the first right on her baby and nobody can snatch baby from her. He assures to protect her and her baby from Rahul. Pankhudi plans to make Vedant do a mistake to save a patient and her baby.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Kesha is suspicious of Mayura and searches for proofs against her in her absence. Mayura gets the video alert on her mobile and panics. She tells Rivaaj that someone entered the house, maybe stalker. Rivaaj calls everyone and asks to gather in the hall. Mayura manages to hide the file in the cupboard which was under the table. Mayura asks the lady helping her to make a call to Rivaaj and talk to him. She asks Rivaaj to impress the stalker and asks her to meet him. Rivaaj invites her to meet him. She says she has to make much preparation. Rivaaj insists and asks her to come.

She says she will come. Rivaaj asks Mayura to make all the arrangements. He comes to a place and finds the door locked. He then hears the girl’s voice asking him to come there. Rivaaj asks who is here. The girl asks if you don’t love me and want to spend your life with me. Rivaaj looks around. Mayura is watching everything on her mobile. She sees Rivaaj struggling to know who the stalker is.

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke:

Kuhu and Kunal get engaged. Maheshwaris and Rajvanshs enjoy the function while having a grad celebration. Abir makes sure that Kunal stays happy. He is sure that Kuhu is the right life partner for Kunal. He brings Kuhu and Kunat together in the dance performance. Abir gets Mishti with him. He wishes Mishti accepts his love. Meenakshi doesn’t leave a chance to insult Mishti and prove her wrong. She wants Maheshwaris to break ties with Mishti. Mishti gets upset when she faces all the blames suddenly. Shweta reaches Kunal and hugs him to create a new drama. She wants to break Kuhu and Kunal’s engagement. Abir, Mishti and Kuhu react on seeing Shweta. Mishti asks Kunal not to entertain his ex Shweta. She doesn’t want to risk Kuhu’s happiness. She argues with Kunal and asks him to take a stand for Kuhu. She protects Kuhu’s future. Abir knows Mishti is right and wants to support her.

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