Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Tonight Shocking revelation

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Tonight Shocking revelation

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Tonight Shocking revelation Vikram takes Kulfi with him for a song recording. He makes Kulfi sing forcibly. Kulfi doesn’t like to sing when her heart doesn’t support. The person recording the song insults her and taunts her for the bad singing, even though she puts her best efforts. She gets disturbed and cries. Vikram breaks Kulfi’s courage by his plan. He asks her if she is fine and can sing again. Kulfi tells him that the man is interrupting her again and again. Vikram asks her to sing from her heart. Kulfi misses Sikandar and sings a song for her dad. She recalls the moments when she was too happy with Sikandar. The man scolds her for singing a boring song instead singing something exciting. Kulfi gets hurt and falls down.

Mohendar gets worried for her. He asks Vikram to stop the recording now. He takes Kulfi home. Kulfi wishes Sikandar was with her. Amyra is with Sikandar. They practice singing. He compliments her for singing so well now. He tells her that she couldn’t catch anything before and now she has become a good singing. Amyra tells him that she has learnt singing just to give him happiness. Sikandar finds Kulfi hurt and runs to her. Vikram makes an excuse that Kulfi fell down while playing. Sikandar asks Vikram how could he not fulfill his duty when he took Kulfi with him. He asks Mohendar to protect Kulfi.

Mohendar puts Kulfi to sleep. Sikandar takes haldi milk for Kulfi and takes care of her. He asks her what has happened at the function. She tells him that Vikram wants her to sing for making a career, but she wants to sing for her happiness. Sikandar gets happy hearing her innocent talk. She tells him that she won’t get peace until she sings from her heart. She tells him that they will go to her village and live in peace. He cries and gets emotional. Sikandar requests Mohendar to let him perform the rituals with Kulfi. Mohendar allows Sikandar and Kulfi to be together. Amyra tells Lovely that she couldn’t make a song for Sikandar. She wants to be with Sikandar. Sikandar completes the rituals and asks Mohendar to end his annoyance.

He begs Mohendar to return Kulfi to him. Mohendar asks Sikandar to realize how Kulfi is yearning for her father. He tells Sikandar that he won’t be able to give any happiness to Kulfi, since he has shattered Kulfi’s dreams. He commands Sikandar to stay away from Kulfi. Gunjan wants to raise Kulfi as her daughter. She tells Mohendar that Lovely is responsible for Nimrat’s accident. She tells that even Sikandar knew this truth and he didn’t punish Lovely. She calls Sikandar a wrong person. Kulfi overhears their conversation and realizes that Lovely is behind Nimrat’s death. She can’t believe that Sikandar has hidden such a big truth from her.

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